Saturday, May 10, 2003

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 7.1)


Sorry that I've been away for SO long, but there's been
MANY things happening in my life !! The GREATEST of
these in a following Newslettre !!

What's up presently, is a TOTAL kitchen redesign but
more important, do I have a decent Newslettre in me
this weekend ??!!

** WHAT'S NEW ?? **

I've completed the formatting and posted on my Web Site
the 1993 Suggested Price Guide from the Belleek Pottery,
as well as the results from Sotheby's Irish Auctions
for BOTH the years 2001 and 2002 !!

ALSO, note the addition of quality Belleek Dealers on
my Web Site !!

Upcoming will be the results from the recent auction
of Bonhams and Butterfields, for which I have received
their generous permission for inclusion of the item
photographs !!


Many of you may already know of this method, but I was
presently surprised by the knowledge and felt that it
was WELL WORTHY sharing with the Belleek community !!

From a VERY GOOD Belleeker Friend, I quote :

"Oh, Del!

"You are such fun! Why you wouldn't pour some warm tap
water into a bucket, add a bit of Woolite, see how it
works, is a riot!

"To clean, you don't have to bathe the window or door
glass in lots of water. Having a decent size cloth -
a terry fingertip towel or a washcloth is a good size
to easily wring out to where no water is dripping.
Wash the pane, you'll hear it "squeak" with the least
amount of rubbing, knowing the glass is clean. No need
to rinse, just dry with a lint-free cloth. Cleaning
windows doesn't get any easier, nor doors and shelves
on your curio cabinets.

"To clean porcelain or crystal decorative treasures,
simply partially fill a sink with warm water, add
Woolite, a little at a time, till it feels "right" -
just enough suds form to where you know it's there.
Put pieces in the solution, a few at a time, so none
bounce off another, swish, rinse, let drain dry. Your
things will sparkle unbelievably! If it's been a while
since things have been cleaned, use a soft pastry
brush to get into crevices and loosen the accumulation.

"Because Woolite has no petroleum product, as do most
cleaners, dust isn't attracted to things, they stay
clean longer. It's amazing how well the Woolite works."

I've not personally attempted this, as yet, but this
source is unimpeachable and I would have extreme
confidence in the technique described !!


I received an E-mail from an old friend the other day
and was, to say the least, EXTREMELY FACINATED by its
claims !! Since, I've 'checked' this out for fraud
via the Urban Legends Site, and IT'S FOR REAL !!

Again, I quote : "Subject: Information re. Your ID
Available on the Internet

"Take a look at the note below -- if you go to :


and type in your telephone number it will actually
pull up directions to your house -- there is a way to
have your number removed.

"Go to :


then type in your phone number (separated by hyphens,
including area code, e.g., 425-643-3359) and click on
Google Search. If your phone number is listed it will
show your name and address and give you two map
options: Yahoo and MapQuest. See how accurate the map
is to your home. Any person wishing to discover the
physical location of a phone number, be it a home or
business address, could use this feature to locate a
physical street address, and receive directions on
how to get there from anywhere in the country. In the
age of the Internet communication we all know the
dangers of this--for adults and our children!

"Google has made available an option that will allow
anyone to REMOVE their telephone number from the
database that is linked to the mapping feature. You
will first need to check if your number is listed in
this manner by attempting a search -- entering your
full telephone number separated by dashes (e. g.
425-643-3359). If the number appears in the mapping
database, an icon resembling a telephone will appear
next to the first or second entry on the results page.
Clicking on this icon will take you to a page containing
a description of the service, and a link to request your
number be removed from the database."

I have verified a 'number' of my friends and
acquaintances as well as businesses !!

NOTE : I have also discouvered that this SEARCH
applies equally well to phone numbers outside the
continental Unites States !! I've located friends
in Ireland, England and Canada !! Be sure to prefix
your SEARCH parameter with your proper 'Country Code' !!
You may also have to 'drop' leading Zero's as well as
'play' around with the placement of the Hyphens !!


LAST chance to register !! I have it on VERY good
authority, via fellow Belleekers from 'down under',
that they will have a minimum of four couples from
the New Zealand Chapter in attendance at the
Convention !!
Help welcome them to our WONDERFUL
country !!

If you're NEW to the World of Belleek Collecting or
an 'Old Hand' Affectionardo, the 'Host' Columbia
Chapter of Oregon has promised ALL Belleekers a
WONDERFUL excursion to the BEAUTIFUL Pacific
Northwest !!

Pat, the Convention's organizer, has recommended that
you plan to either arrive a few days early or schedule
several days following the Convention as the Chapter
is offering some exquisite tours of the Pacific
Northwest and surrounding regions !! Check out the
'brief' tour synopses at my Site for additional
information !!

Complete information, including Registration Forms,
can be located thru the EVENTS Page on my Web Site,
address below, OR directly thru the following Link :


Again, if the above Link is NOT Clickable, simply
EDIT/COPY then EDIT/PASTE it in your Browser and GO !!


Or is the politically correct statement 'The IMPORTANCE
of EARTHENWARE !! When the Pottery was first
established, production of 'fine porcelain' was not
immediately commenced !! In fact, the Pottery's
'bread-and-butter' existence was due in large to the
production of everyday Earthenware !!

When we think of the expansive lines of porcelain that
Belleek produced, over the years, it is clear that the
Shamrock Pattern is by far the 'most complete' Parian

Ware design !! The Shamrock range comprises not only
a complete Tea Service, but extensive Dinner Ware as
well as Serving Items, Accessories and a VERY complete
line of Vases !!

But when one examines Belleek's 1904 Catalogue, it
becomes exceedingly evident that their selection of
Earthenware far exceeded any other range !! In
addition to a capacious range of Dinner and Serving
Ware, the Pottery produced a complete diversification
of Kitchen and Bath Ware !!

Many of these items were left undecorated, BUT many
were decorated with 'sponge' brushing, decal transfers
as well as elaborate hand painting !!

The two examples shown here BOTH exhibit a combination
of decal transfers with hand decoration applied 'over'
the decal motifs !!

Pair of Earthenware Plates !!

Two Earthenware Serving Pieces
On the Left, a Limoges Pattern Dinner Plate
On the Right, an Art Nouveau Soup Plate

The Limoges decorated Plate is approximately 10.5" in
diameter, with the Soup Plate being almost 11" in
diameter !! The Limoges is unusual in that this
pattern was 'normally' produced on Ring Handled Ivory
Ware !! These were the first examples of Limoges
decoration on Earthenware I have ever experienced !!

The Art Deco Soup Plate, was fairly 'common' with this
decoration, IF you can discouver ANY of this pattern
on ANY Earthenware !! It's extremely beautiful with
the bamboo shoots, cherry blossoms and oriental fans
adorned in gilt highlites !!


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