Monday, September 16, 2002

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 6.5)


I was saddened to learn of Eugene Krach's passing this
past week, 10-Sep-02. Gene was inducted as our Society's
6th Honouree and a person to be admired. He will be
fondly remembered by all who knew him.


WONDERFUL NEWS !! The Keystone Chapter of Pennsylvania,
has become our 29th. Official Chapter
of the B.C.I.S. !!
Welcome aboard !! They ALREADY have their own WebSite,
which may be located either
off my B.C.I.S. Chapters and
Friends Page or directly at the following Link :


They JUST had their inaugural meeting this past Saturday,
14-Sep-02 !! I JUST checked their Site for any breaking
information regarding this meeting, but so far, nothing
has been posted !! SO, for now, PLEASE feel free to
contact their organizer Tom Eyre @ teyre01@lycos.com !!

AGAIN, WELCOME ABOARD Keystone Chapter !!


First off, I've been (somewhat) busy updating my WebSite
with newly discouvered Dealer Sites as well as some
Chapter Information and a few additional items for
sale !! If you haven't been there in a while I believe
it's worth a look-see, especially, with some additional
dealers inventory available !!


Have you ever just been 'sitting around' discussing the
State of the World or virtually ANY issue or news of
the Day ?? WELL, this JUST may be the Site for you !!

EASY to remember : http://www.vote.com !!

This is REALLY a FANTASTIC Site !! Including issues
spanning everything from Political and Environmental
to Sports and Movies, you may EASILY cast your opinion

AND, the Site is subdivided internationally, by the
U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Korea and, OF
COURSE, the U.K. !! Within the U.S., it is further
subdivided right down into individual State's issues !!

Furthermore, if an issue of interest promotes 'lobbying'
style contact, your input or vote, may even be
automatically tabulated and forwarded to the White
House or appropriate Congressperson, committee,
organization, etc., as my be necessary !!


If you're NEW to the World of Belleek Collecting or an
'Old Hand' Affectionardo, the 'Host' Columbia Chapter
of Oregon has promised ALL Belleekers a WONDERFUL
excursion to the BEAUTIFUL Pacific Northwest !!

Pat, the Convention's organizer, has recommended that
you plan to either arrive a few days early or schedule
several days following the Convention as the Chapter
is offering some exquisite tours of the Pacific Northwest
and surrounding regions !! Check out the 'brief' tour
synopses at my Site for additional information !!

Complete information, including Registration Forms, can
be located thru the EVENTS Page on my Web Site, address
below, OR directly thru the following Link :


Again, if the above Link is NOT Clickable, simply
EDIT/COPY then EDIT/PASTE it in your Browser and GO !!


What a SPECTICULAR Fair !! This year, I would have to
speculate that there were approximately 100 additional
dealers from last year's participation !! BUT, on the
other hand, to be completely accurate, attendance was
still rather sparse, with the noon openings having only
like 100 eager antique buffs waiting for entrance at
the gates !! This, though, did allow for a relaxed
viewing and browsing through the booths !!

As Belleek doesn't hang very well on walls, I found
excitement in a booth containing, primarily, etchings,
mainly those of Picasso, Chagall and Monet !! ALL,
WAY out of my price range, but none-the-less, extremely
fascinating !!

I discouvered something new each day !! One unique
item, appeared to be just a simple decorative glass
or porcelain egg, was in reality a 'ladies hand
cooler' !! These were utilized during the cold weather,
when women wore muffs and their hand palms would sweat
inside the muff !! These eggs were designed to be
cupped in your hands to keep your palms cool and free
from moisture !!

Another fascinating relic I stumbled upon, I at first
thought to be a fancy cigar cutter ?? Upon inquiry,
I was amazed to learn that it was in truth, a 'vein
cutting' tool utilized in the 'bleeding' of horses !!

CAUTION : For those of you with 'queasy' stomachs,
'squeamish' constitutions, OR you're just plain
uncomfortable with female biology, you may wish to
skip over the following Link !!

For a BRIEF history of the Medical Practice of
'Bleeding' click on :


I spent the entire three days of the show there and
discouvered additional Belleek each day !! There were
three MAJOR Dealers of Belleek with, I would venture,
at least a Dozen additional Booths with 'bits and pieces'
in their displays !!

Although I felt the prices quite fair, I arrived home
completely empty handed, with no new treasures !!

** MORE EGG CUPS !! **

I am ALWAYS pleased to receive comment, EITHER positive
OR negative regarding ANYTHING I publish !!

Following my recent exposť regarding Egg Cups I was
ecstatic when I received the following from a VERY
enthusiastic Belleeker !! I will quote his comments
and observations in their entirety :

"Thank you for the Newsletter too, particularly the
'Egg story.' I was very interested in the instruction
to break open the LARGE end of the egg, as by coincidence
I was re-reading 'Gulliver's Travels' at the time. You
may recall that at the time of Gulliver's visit to
Lilliput that country had been "engaged in a most
obstinate war for six-and-thirty moons past, with a
loss of forty capital ships, plus a much greater number
of smaller vessels, together with thirty thousand of
our best seamen and soldiers. The damage received by
the enemy being somewhat greater than ours."

"This war came about as a result of a dispute on which
end of the egg should be broken. The traditional way
had always been to break the LARGE end, but "his present
Majesty's grandfather, while he was a boy, going to eat
an egg, and breaking it according to the ancient practice,
happened to cut one of his fingers. Whereupon the Emperor
his father published an edict, commanding his subjects,
upon great penalties, to break the SMALLER ends of the
eggs." The people so resented this law that history
records six rebellions on account of it, resulting in
one Emperor loosing his life and another his crown. These
civil commotion's were constantly fomented by the
Monarchs of Blefuscu, a country just across the Channel,
(and the country that Lilliput had been for so long at
war,) and when they were quelled the exiles always fled
for refuge to that empire. At the time of writing it was
computed that eleven thousand persons had suffered death
rather than break their eggs at the SMALL end. Many
hundreds of large volumes have been published upon this
controversy: but the books of the 'Big-endians' have
long been forbidden, and the whole party rendered
incapable by law of holding employment."

"Of course this being a work of fiction (corrected :
Satire) we know that Lilliput represents England,
Blefuscu France, with the Big-endians being Roman
Catholics and the Small-endians Protestants. "His
present Majesty's grandfather" who changed the country
from BIG to SMALL was of course Henry the Eighth who
broke away from the Catholic Church in order to be able
to divorce his wife. Charles the First lost his life
and James the Second his crown. Your story was well
timed just the same."


Egg Cup Holder !!

A WONDERFUL example of the
Belleek 1st. Period Egg Cup Holder !!
(NOTE : The 'delicate' lavender trim !!)


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