Monday, September 4, 2004

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 8.3)


Well, I've FINALLY quit procrastinating and completed
a LONG overdue task, that of 'lightening' up the
Background Smilies on my Newslettres !! I KNOW
that many of you loyal Belleekers have been waiting
a LONG time for this enhancement, so PLEASE let
me know if your wait has been rewarded ??

Of SPECIAL note, the UK Belleek Collectors' Group
has AGAIN produced a spectacular Newsletter of
46 pages containing a wide range of articles of
immense interest to all !! If their current
Newsletter is not yet available On-Line, it WILL
be shortly !! In the meantime, you will discouver
volumes of superbly researched material on their
Web Site at :


IN 2005 !! **

The Great Lakes Chapter is inviting you to meet us
in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are hosting the
Belleek Collectors' International Convention
September 8, 9 and 10 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
It is 5 minutes from the Gerald Ford Airport that
has connections to the major airline hubs. This
is just a notification of the Convention.

Registration forms and final information should be
available in the upcoming Belleek Collectors'
Newsletter !!

As information is available, you can contact our
Convention Coordinator Phyllis via E-mail at :


OR her assistant Beth at : ricklebl@aol.com

Phyllis tells me that Grand Rapids is quite the
historic area with something to do for EVERYONE !!

This promises to be a GREAT Convention for all !!


The Great Lakes Chapter would like to put a cookbook
together and have it ready for the 2005 Convention in
Grand Rapids, MI. If anyone in your Chapter would like
to submit a yummy dessert recipe worthy of serving on
or in pieces of Belleek, please have them submit them
to me as soon as possible. And if they have a picture
of the dessert, even better. Send that along also.

The recipes can be sent to :
Ms. Phyllis Bagnall
10295 Carriage Way
Davison, MI 48423

or they can be emailed to phyllisbagnall@msn.com !!

Don't hold back on us. Send us your very best to
ooohhh and aaaahhh over and be included in this
unique book. Be sure to include your name, address,
phone no., email address and where your recipe
came from or a story about it.

** SPEAKING OF ?? **

The # symbol is often referred to as a "number sign"
or "pound sign." Its actual name is an octothorpe !!


WOW, is a word that unfortunately just cannot do
justice to my recent excursion at the Chicago Summer
Antique Fair !! As usual, it was a MOST unforgettable
event !! I will expound more on my travels and
adventures in my upcoming Newslettre, as I have
some recent correspondence, regarding a past
Newslettre, I would like to share with all you
Belleekers here !!


Some VERY fine Belleeker friends of mine contacted
me, following my latest Newslettre publication, with
additional information regarding Crested Miniatures !!
I will quote their E-mail here directly :

"Having read your latest newsletter, I was prompted
to search through my Crested China collection for
Dublin items. I have the same little Belleek dairy
creamer as you have and with the same detailing on
the crest.

"I collect Irish items from other makers, so have done
a comparison, firstly Nautilus Porcelain, made at The
Possil Pottery, Glasgow, Scotland 1896 - 1913. Nautilus
made numerous crested smalls during their 17 year
existence and pictures 2725 and 2726 (ed. note : NOT
shown) are two examples, and with different crests,
exactly as the Belleek ones do. Picture 2724 (ed. note :
see below) is from a Goss loving cup and bears only a
small version of the Dublin coat of arms. So there we
have 3 totally different representations of the Crest of
The City of Dublin, historically many Administrative
Authorities of Local Government had variations on
insignia and armorial representations depending upon
the use of a particular document or object bearing
those arms, the subject is very complex and I certainly
don't profess to have an answer to your question.
Another related fact goes back to the whole origin
of crested souvenir china small items and the massive
upsurge of demand in the early 20th century.

"With the advent of travel for recreational purposes
and holidays by the sea which began to become popular
towards the end of the 19th century, people began to
want to take home a souvenir of a resort or town they
had visited and W H Goss were quick to see this as an
opportunity to create a whole new business venture,
so they began to produce crested china items, using
as their models ancient artifacts from museums, usually
of Roman or Grecian origin. Very quickly dozens of
other china manufacturers jumped on the band wagon and
started their own lines in crested and souvenir china
to satisfy the fast expanding market.

"Returning to the different crests for the same towns,
I have many other good examples of this, particularly
Belfast where there were three different crests
regularly used, and certainly where there were not
officially different crests, this is where artistic
license comes into being. Lithographic prints were not
always produced in-house at all the potteries who were
making crested china souvenirs, and as a complex
process most potteries would have sourced their
supplies from specialists, hence the reason for
identical crests appearing on items from different
potteries. Looking at my 2 Nautilus pieces and your
2 Belleek pieces, it is quite possible that both
sourced the monochrome lithographs from the same
place, and only hand tinted them after application
of the transfer. If a pottery purchased monochrome
lithographs, they would have been supplied with a
colouring instruction so to apply the correct colours,
and, if two sets of lithographs were purchased from
different sources, they could well have had different
colouring instructions.

"Now what happened if a small town did not have a coat
of arms or crest to copy?? Well the Goss factory made
one up and used appropriate local influences to make
the crest look genuine, Picture 2723 is a lovely
example, with a Goss pot bearing a crest for Castlebar
(ed. note : see below) which is in County Mayo, Ireland.
No prizes for guessing where the inspiration came from.
I have seen a very similar crest looking like the
Belleek trademark from Tullamore in County Offaly."

There is more information on the Goss Collector's
website at :


Additional Crested Miniatures !!

Above, left, we see a WONDERFUL example of a Goss Crested Miniature !!
Again, note the different City of Dublin Crest !!
To its right, a MAGNIFICENT collectible Crest,
reminiscent of our Mother Pottery, Belleek !!
Photo courtesy of Chris and David, Members Emeritus,
UK Belleek Collectors' Group !! MANY THANKS !!


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