Monday, August 16, 2004

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 8.2)

** VERY SHORT !! **

This Newslettre is going to be QUITE short, due
to the fact that I'm getting ready for Chicago, more
later, and that this is being composed on my NEW
'super computer' !! YES, I've FINALLY updated my
1999 CPU and now possess a REAL state-or-the-art
machine to work with !! Unfortunately, for travel,
I'll still be dragging my OLD CPU along as I'm TOO
POOR, following my investment in the new CPU,
to afford a proper case for traveling purposes !!
WOE is me !!


Why do croutons have expiration dates ?? Aren't
they just stale bread anyway ?? (Unknown)


I KNOW that some of you out there in Belleekland
move about a bit, BUT PLEASE try to remember to
Update your E-mail Address' with ALL your friends !!

I currently have like a DOZEN 'Invalid' Addresses
in my PhoneBook which turn into 'MAILER DAEMONS'
when I attempt to post any E-mail to you !!

SO, if you are NOT receiving this Newslettre and
were previously ON my mailing list OR if you are a
Belleek 'newbie' and would like to receive my
Newslettres, PLEASE post me your E-mail Address
and I will add your Name to my Mailing List !!


Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a
great King from history:

Spades - King David,
Clubs - Alexander the Great,
Hearts - Charlemagne, and
Diamonds - Julius Caesar !!


This years Show will be the weekend of August
27 thru 29, 2004 and, being the 2nd largest Fair in
the World, boosts approximately 450 Dealers !!

There's additional information on my Web Site,
under the Events Tab, or you may navigate directly
there via the Link :


I'll be staying at the Embassy Suites !! I'm ONLY
planning on staying for the first 2 nights !! If anyone
out there in Belleekland is planning on attending,
look me up !!


Some thoughts to remember when in Chicago !!

In Chicago, it is illegal to fish in one's pajamas !!

In Chicago, it is illegal to take a French poodle to
the opera !!

According to state law, it is illegal to speak English.
The officially recognized language is "American" !!

And of course, if you venture out into the suburbs,

In Joliet, it is illegal to mispronounce the name Joliet.

IN 2005 !! **

The Great Lakes Chapter is inviting you to meet us
in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are hosting the
Belleek Collectors' International Convention
September 8, 9 and 10 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
It is 5 minutes from the Gerald Ford Airport that
has connections to the major airline hubs. This
is just a notification of the Convention.

Registration forms and final information should be
available in the upcoming Belleek Collectors'
Newsletter !!

As information is available, you can
contact our Convention Coordinator Phyllis
via E-mail at : phyllisbagnall@msn.com

OR her assistant Beth at : rickleb1@aol.com

Phyllis tells me that Grand Rapids is quite the historic
area with something to do for EVERYONE !! This
promises to be a GREAT Convention for all !!


The song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" was written
by George Graff, who was German, and was never in
Ireland in his life !!??


This spring and early summer, I've been quite busy
on E-Bay, submitting several successful bids on a
couple of wonderful items !! At least I think they are !!

In any case, for those Belleekers that 'follow' my
activity on E-Bay, and for those that don't, or are
JUST not interested, a couple of the items I purchased
were Belleek Miniatures !! To be precise, Crested
Miniatures !!

We should divert here, just a bit, to distinguish
between Crested and Miniature !! Belleek applied
Crests to MANY of their 'regular' production items !!
We see this preserved by the application of a family
crest to a Neptune Tea Set, for example !!

Family crests were also applied to EarthenWare Dinner
Sets making quite spectacular collections !! The Ring
Handled Ivory Pattern was VERY common for not only
hand painting, but, also for the application of Crests,
as its surface is basically 'flat', i.e., a Crest can be
applied easily without any 'warping' !!

In addition to family crests, Belleek also applied city,
township, county and country crests to items !! The
MOST interesting of these is probably the Small Size
Pig with the Killarney Crest on its back !! This Pig is
discussed in an earlier Newslettre and it should be
clarified here that this is NOT a Miniature as the Small
Pig was a 'normal' production item !!

Now, let's return to Belleeks production of Miniatures
and their role in the Pottery's History !! Belleek crafted
MANY shapes of miniature items, mostly in the shapes
of current ware, BUT MUCH smaller !! They ALSO
crafted UNIQUE item shapes that WERE NOT in regular
production !!

In any case, I believe it would be quite fair to say that
the production of Miniatures, in general, was VERY
limited !! Again, as with their regular Crested Ware,
virtually ALL Miniatures WERE Crested with either a
city, township, county or country !!

My picture below, displays a pair of Miniatures !! To
give you a perspective of their size, the Dairy Cream is
ONLY 2-1/2" in height !!

The second item, which I will term the Grecian Urn, is
ONLY 2-1/8" in height !!

It should be noted here that the Dairy Cream WAS in
'general' production, in a size about 1" taller than its
companion Miniature BUT I, personally, am NOT aware
of the 'Grecian Urn' being produced in any other form
besides the Miniature ??!! AS ALWAYS, is there
ANYONE out in Belleekland whom knows different
and can update me with their knowledge ??

Now, I've owned the Dairy Cream for quite a number of
years, but the Grecian Urn is one of those recent
additions to my Museum !! Why, or what, did I find of
interest in this item ?? Well, upon close inspection, you
will note that BOTH Miniatures display the Crest of the
City (Arms) of Dublin !!

SO, you say ?? Upon CLOSE scrutiny, you will discouver
my interest, is that the colouring and positioning of the
ladies on each side of the shield !!

The MOST obvious difference is that the Grecian Urn
has blonds in red gowns as the Dairy Cream displays
brunettes in blue robes !!

Furthermore, both maintain the sword on the right
shoulder of the left figurine, but on BOTH, what appears
to be sheaves of wheat, seem to be held up on the Urn
but in a down position on the Cream ?? The scales
(of justice) appear on both to be held high !!

Looking closely, one will also notice some differences in
the mounting of the crown above the shield !!

Since BOTH items were produced during the Second
Period, I can ONLY attribute these differences to, what
might be termed, Artist Prerogative !!

AGAIN, might any of you Belleekers in the surrounding
area of Dublin, be capable of providing their 'current' City
Crest ??

City of Dublin Crested Miniature Items !!

Above, left, the Miniature Crested 'Grecian Urn' and to
Its right, the Miniature Crested Diary Cream !!


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