Sunday, March 10, 2002

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 6.2)
I received the following VERY interesting story one day
in my E-mail Inbox and thought it quite worthy of
disseminating to EVERYONE out there in Belleek Land as
Travel Season is upon us !! I Quote :

"Stolen Purse or wallet: What to do: (IMPORTANT) -
Unfortunately, I (the author of this piece who happens
to be an attorney) have firsthand knowledge, because my
wallet was stolen last month and within a week the
thieves ordered an expensive monthly cell phone
package, applied for a VISA credit card, had a credit
line approved to buy a Gateway computer, received a PIN
number from DMV to change my driving record information
online, and more.

But here's some critical information to limit the
damage in case this happens to you or someone you know.
As everyone always advises, cancel your credit cards
immediately, but the key is having the toll free
numbers and your card numbers handy so you know whom to
call. Keep those where you can find them easily. File a
police report immediately in the jurisdiction where it
was stolen, This proves to credit providers you were
diligent, and is a first step toward an investigation
(if there ever is one).

But here's what is perhaps most important: (I never
ever thought to do this). Call the three national
credit-reporting organizations immediately to place a
fraud alert on your name and SS#. I had never heard of
doing that until advised by a bank that called to tell
me an application for credit was made over the Internet
in my name. The alert means any company that checks
your credit knows your information was stolen and they
have to contact you by phone to authorize new credit.
By the time I was advised to do this, almost 2 weeks
after the theft, all the damage had been done. The
names and phone numbers are at the end of this message.

There are records of all the credit checks initiated by
the thieves' purchases, none of which I knew about
before placing the alert. Since then, no additional
damage has been done, and the thieves threw my wallet
away this weekend (someone turned it in). It seems to
have stopped them in their tracks.

The numbers are:
Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experience (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
Social Security Administration (fraud line):

We pass along jokes. We pass along just about
everything. Do think about passing this information
along. It could help someone. I would also like to add:
do not carry your social security card on your person.
If your purse or wallet were taken they would have full
access to your SS number."

** TOO MUCH MAIL ?? **
Like me, does your post person suffer a MAJOR hernia
from delivery of your mail ?? Want to do something
about it ?? It's REALLY QUITE simple !! I Quote :

"Stop unwanted mailings generally. To remove your home
address from many lists at once, register your name
with the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference
Service (MPS). Send a written request, with your name
as it appears on all catalog labels, to :

The Direct Marketing Association
Mail Preference Service
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
The MPS should remain in effect for five years, or
until you place an order or request a catalog from a
catalog company. After that, your name is fair game
again, and you must either reactivate the MPS, or stop
mailings selectively (see below). Because companies who
subscribe to the MPS typically check their lists
against it a few times a year, it may take several
months for you to see results. For more information,
call The DMA at 212-768-7277.

Or Click : http://www.dmaconsumers.org
NOTE : If you opt to 'Opt-Out' On-Line, you may elect
any or ALL THREE of the areas of dreaded contact, those
being DIRECT Mailing (thru the U.S.P.S.), Telemarketing
(You know, those ANNOYING Post 9PM calls !!) and E-mail
contact via the Internet !!

Simply call 1.888.567.8688 and you will be prompted to
key in your Telephone Number !! The Computerized
System will then verify your Street Address via a
simple 'Reverse' Directory Process !! You will then be
requested to 'speak' your Name into the Computer for
mailing purposes !! In a couple of days you receive a
form to either 'opt' out for 2 Years or FOREVER !!
Simply fill out the form as requested and post it back
to the address provided !! Unfortunately, NO Return
Envelope is provided !!

This organization works in conjunction with the Fair
Credit Reporting Act and prevents the FOUR MAJOR
providers of Credit Reporting, namely, Equifax,
Experian, Innovis and Trans Union, from 'selling' your
Credit Information to marketers of 'Mass Mailings' for
additional Credit Cards, etc. !!

I would be interested in knowing where some of you
Belleekers receive your 'Return Form' from as mine was
posted from Seattle, WA and had a Return Address to the
OPT-OUT DEPARTMENT, again in Seattle !! So, is this
like a regional thing ??

ALSO, for those of you Belleekers OUTSIDE the U.S. I
would be EXTREMELY interested in knowing if ANY of the
above information is relevant and accessible in your
country's and I PROMISE to publish SAME if you simply
Post or E-mail me your Country's Information !!

What Exactly Is A Flu Shot ?? For us 'travelers' it's
probably one of the MOST important items NOT to 'leave
behind' as we begin our 'Travels' !! AGAIN, I Quote :

"Each year scientists and medical professionals get
together to determine what they perceive as the next
big influenza virus. They then take bacteria and "grow"
millions of these viruses. Then, using chemicals or
irradiation, they destroy the DNA inside of the virus.

This "unloaded" form of the virus is then shipped all
over the world and given to people as a vaccination.
Your body sees this virus as a threat and attacks it.
The virus is actually harmless, but your body doesn't
know it and tries to build antibodies to match the
"shape" of the virus and smother it. Once it does, your
immune system begins to destroy the virus capsules by
using white-blood cells that actually "eat" the trapped
viruses. Your immune system then keeps the
antibody/virus link in "memory." When the real virus
actually attacks your body, your body "remembers" what
kind of antibody to produce to destroy the invader and

begins to mass-produce these antibodies and more white
blood cells to kill the virus before it has a chance to
get you very ill. Cool, huh?

For a more detailed explanation of your immune system,
click here!"

If you subscribe to a Health Care System, your Provider
probably offers FREE Flu Shots JUST for the asking !!
When was the last time that ANY of us actually ASKED
for a SHOT other than in a glass ?? In any case, mine
does, and all you are required to do is show up at the
immunization desk, take a number between one and a
thousand and wait for your number to be called !! ONLY
takes like 10 Minutes TOPS !!

I'll be arriving Friday NOONISH and staying at the
Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel, JUST
adjacent to the actual Convention Center which houses
the Antique Show !!

There's just an OVERWELMING amount of information to
include in its entirety, so PLEASE try the following :

COMPLETE Atlantique City Fair Information !!
If the above HYPERLINK doesn't work, COPY/PASTE the
following into your Browser :

Or call 1.800.526.2724 for your FREE Courtesy Pack and
additional information !!

Our Sister Chapter 'Down-Under' in New Zealand now has
a WONDERFUL NEW Web site !! It may be accessed off my
Main Site or directly by Clicking :

New Zealand 'Down-Under' Belleekers !!
If the above doesn't work, simply EDIT/COPY and then
EDIT/PASTE the following into your Browsers SEARCH
Window and GO/SEARCH !!

FINALLY, as promised for SO long, ALL of my Previous
Newslettres, going back to 1997, are now accessible in
The Newslettre ARCHIVES off my Main Web Page !!

And ONCE again, I MUST compliment The U.K. Chapter for
the EXCELLANCE in Information Dissemination thru their
Superior Quality Newsletter !! WOW, if I counted
correctly, their last issue was 35 pages, front and
back !! Quantity is NOT always Quality, but in the
case of the U.K. Chapter, IT IS !!

NOTICE : I'm STILL searching for a few good
E-Secretaries !! I picked up a couple from my last
postings but there are STILL a couple of you left out
there that could REALLY make my life EASIER !! YOU
KNOW who you are PLEASE let ME KNOW !!

"Hello Del, and Happy New Year.
I'll take up your challenge to share details of a good
find between Christmas and New Year at a local antique

I purchased a cream and sugar, made by Cyril Arnold
after he had left The Belleek Pottery in 1968 and
founded the Bundoran Pottery, making small quantities
of Parian items up until his death in 1986. The vendor
remarked on how like Belleek the pieces were and said
that she realized that it wasn't. Only after paying did
I tell her of the Belleek connection with Cyril Arnold.

Before you ask, no it isn't for sale, it now resides in
one of our Belleek cabinets.

Best wishes David R."

Beautiful Bundoran !!
"You can take the Crafts Person out of Belleek ....
But you can't take Belleek out of the Crafts Person !!"
- Del c2002

Bundoran Signature Mark !!

"The name Bundoran was taken from the town on the coast
of Co. Donegal about six miles from Belleek and where
Cyril Arnold lived.

Bundoran is a popular holiday resort with some
excellent restaurants and in fact the last two BCIS
gala banquets have been held in the Great Northern
Hotel in Bundoran."


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