Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 6.1)
I would like to extend to BOTH you and yours out there
in Belleek land my most sincere wishes for a joyful and
prosperous New Year !! May it find us all healthy,
happy and at peace !!

And I do wish that all of you Belleekers found at least
one addition for your Belleek collection during this
Holiday Season !! Would any of you out there desire
to share your finds with the Society ??

RESOLUTIONS !! As we step off into this New Year, I
would ask ALL of you 'snail mailers' out there, the
EIGHT of you remaining that receive this newslettre via
regular USPS Post, and you KNOW who you are, to PLEASE
obtain E-mail access either for yourselves or via a
relative or friend !! Remember, this newsletter is a
TOTAL labour of Belleek LOVE and NOT funded in ANY
manner !! Just drop me an E-mail with your current
mailing address and your requested E-mail Address !!

I MUST apologize to Gina for not mentioning that she
has once again updated her ongoing Cross Reference of
the Belleek Collectors' International Society's
Newsletter and I have incorporated her updates on my
Web Site for everyone to share !!

This is an excellent cross reference as EVERY major
article regarding the Pottery's past and present
personnel and designs, individual collectors and their
collections, conventions and auctions, honourees and
Belleek social events, etc., is included in this
exhaustive work !! ANYTHING you wish to locate, ALL
the way back to the original issue of Volume 1 Number 1,
1979 is included !! If something DOES NOT appear in
her cross-reference, then it NEVER appeared in any BCIS
Newsletter !!

If you are producing a 'Formatted Hard Copy', then look
for the (Last Updated) dates of 26-Nov-2001 and
28-Nov-2001 as those pages reflecting the LATEST
Modifications !!

THANKS AGAIN, Gina for your dedication to this task !!

YES, this is it !! The GREATEST Antique Fair held yearly
anywhere in the (known) world !! I'm referring, of
course, to the spectacular show scheduled for Atlantic
City, New Jersey, March 23rd. and 24th., 2002 !! MARK
YOUR CALENDARS NOW !! You don't want to miss this one !!

This is the ORIGINAL Atlantic City, NOT just for us
Belleekers, but for ALL Antique collectors !! But don't
let the show overwhelm you !! You have the FAMOUS
Boardwalk, COMPLETE with its FABULOUS hot dog vendors !!
Then, you can take a stroll barefoot thru the WHITE
sands of the Atlantic Ocean Shore !! You have the Miss
America Pageant, or have had it, at least thru this
Year !! Rumors are, that the Pageant Organizers are
considering re-location to (possibly) Las Vegas ?? And,
of course, you have the gaming and floor shows !!

I'll be arriving Friday evening and staying at the
Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel, JUST
adjacent to the actual Convention Center which houses
the Antique Show !!

To give you a feeling for the size of this show, I
arrived at the opening, at 10:00AM Saturday Morning
and by 8:00PM that Evening, I had JUST finished my
transverse of EVERY aisle of the show !! I ONLY spent
VERY limited time the first day actually conversing with
dealers !! The majority of my time was consumed just
'jotting' down the booths that I desired to revisit on
the following day !!

There's just an OVERWELMING amount of information to
include in its entirety, so PLEASE try the following :

COMPLETE Atlantique City Fair Information !!
If the above HYPERLINK doesn't work, COPY/PASTE the
following into your Browser :

Or call 1.800.526.2724 for your FREE Courtesy Pack and
additional information !!

HINT : Since 'major' airlines DO NOT seem to service
Atlantic City, I found that flying into Philadelphia
works GREAT !! From Philly, there's buses or, my
preference, a Limo to pick you up and deposit you
directly at your hotels doorstep !!

What a GREAT invention !! The actually extent of their
use is phenomenal !! Prior to my acquisition of the
portable 'pocket' model I carry with me, I'm totally
amazed at how I survived so long without one !!

They are indispensable in detecting repairs and cracks
in china, glass and porcelain !! Additionally, they have
multiple uses authenticating paper, metal, bone and ivory,
textiles as well as with gemstones !!

Quoting from the "Black Light Book" :
"The basic principle behind black light is that different
materials react differently to black light. That is why
ingredients and materials used in old originals fluoresce
one color and the different ingredients and materials
used to make modern reproductions fluoresce another color.
Once you have a list of how originals fluoresce, it is
fairly easy to identify fakes and reproductions that
fluoresce differently."

Simply put, in days of old, when items were designed thru
basic naturally occurring organic products, these 'simple'
products fluoresce quite differently from those
constructed of man made chemicals, dyes and compounds !!
This is especially true of the fluoresce from complex
glues, epoxy and resins as opposed to natural clay,
mortar, potters slip and glaze !!

Excellent examples of this are found in the Potteries
'original glue' !! They used excess potters slip and
glaze for the attachment of tea cup handles, flowers to
vases, bases to busts, etc. !! If, for example, a tea
cup handle has been repaired, no matter how professional
the restoration, a simple blacklite test will detect
ANY glue or resin re-attachment by the unique display
of a BRIGHT yellow fluoresce !!

If you want a REAL treat, compare Cherry, Lemon and
Blueberry versus Red #40, Yellow #5 and Blue #2 !! My
personal favourite is 'scanning' the carpet following a
thorough vacuuming !! You JUST can't believe what that
old vacuum leaves to be discouvered !!

They also STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT rely on a
SINGLE testing procedure, especially as the price of an
item increases !! The author's of the above-mentioned
work have even utilized X-Rays for the discouvery of
'internal' faults within an item !!

Because black light testing is most reliable and
discernible in the dark, I have found that a VERY
reliable preliminary test of an items quality can be
accomplished readily with a simple black light test
utilizing the darkness of the dealers' display table
skirts !!

To give you a feeling of what organic versus chemical
appears as, I have included here, my Halloween Pumpkin,
which by the way I grew myself out in my atrium !! As
you can see, neither the organic pumpkin or black ink
fluoresces at all, while the 'yellow' and 'pink'
'highlighter' pens I utilized on his eyes, nose and
mouth fluoresce quite well !!

If you are interested in acquiring your own personal
BlackLite you may simply visit my 'HyperLink' to
Golden's Antique Supply at the Top of my Main Web
Page !! I, personally, recommend the personal model
which includes the 'Battery Eliminator' Input Jack,
i.e., you plug in an A.C. Adapter to conserve battery
life !! And, if you utilize either Nickel-Metal or
Lithium Hydride (Rechargeable) Batteries, you can
recharge them via the 6 volt adapter !!

Pumpkin Fluoresces


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