Saturday, October 20, 2001

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 5.6)

** IN SYMPATHY !! **

I extend my most sincere sympathies and reverent
prayers to all those whose lives were affected
directly or indirectly by the vicious terrorist
attacks on humanity !! I direct my heartfelt
thoughts not only to all Belleekers worldwide,
but to ALL free persons as well as those oppressed
freedom fighters around the globe !! I give special
thanks to ALL those, who in this GREAT time of
sorrow, have gathered together in undaunted
determination and reached out with their love
to provide comfort and service to those in need !!

We must be willing to pay a price for freedom,
for no price that is ever asked for it is half
the cost of doing without it. - H. L. Mencken


I actually begin the typing of this newslettre WAY
back on 01-October-2001 and look where we are now !!

To date, I have been struggling to bring my Web
Site up to date with the current environment !!


This of course is 'THE YEARLY SHOW', which is
sponsored by Dolphin Promotions and situated at
the expansive Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago,
Illinois !!

Unfortunately, this year, attendance was rather
depressed due, I suspect, to prevailing economic
and political conditions within this Great U.S.ofA.
and around the remainder of the Free World !!

On a lighter note though, this provided better
selection for those of us in attendance !! AND
the dealers were MUCH more prone to negotiate
with us buyers regarding, that ever present
constraint, COST and MONIES !!

My particular coffers ran dry by the close of
Day Two !!


Well, I continue AND continue promising all you
Belleekers out there SOME sort of resolve on the
updating of my Forsale and Wanted Lists !!

Well, they're DONE !! Or at LEAST the Wanted Page
is !! I will be adding to the Forsale page like
weekly, for the next couple of weekends !!

PLEASE announce this to your fellow Chapter Members !!

If you would like pictures of ANY ITEM, PLEASE let
me know and I will forward one out to you !! AND
then, probably place it out on the Web Site !!

LOOK for a 'REVISION DATE' in October on BOTH my
SALES and WANTED pages as it is this date that
obviously reflects the 'latest' modifications !!


I was prompted to compose this bit as the majority
of my purchases this year have been in an
unrelenting effort and inexorable search of
completing my daughters Grass Pattern Teaset !!

Over the years I have been the proud owner of 13,
YES, THIRTEEN, different Belleek Teasets and I
will have to admit that the Grass Pattern has
always been my favourite !!

I begin the acquisition of this Grass Teaset rather
by accident and TOTALLY unknown way back in the
beforetime of 1971 !! I had just returned to the
beautiful Pacific NorthWest following my graduate
studies at Oregon State University and was busy one
beautiful afternoon playing telephone directory
operator and calling EVERY antiques shop in the
greater Seattle, Washington area !! This alone
turned out to be quite the task !!

In any case, the calls DID prove rather successful
as I located several items of Irish Belleek !!

One chap said he had a single plate but didn't
know much about it other than that !! This
tempted me to place a visit to his shop rather
high on my lists of shops to visit !! As I begin
my journeys the next couple of weekends, I arrived
at this particular shop and from all appearances
one DEFINITELY would not be urged to venture inside !!

What was once quite the structure, in its' time,
was now just a dilapidated shell of an ill
maintained shack with what pretended to be walls
and roof supported by what had to be the rusted
farm implements propped against them !!

In any case, as all undaunted Belleekers KNOW QUITE
WELL, this is NO deterrent to the avid collector in
search of new and hidden treasures !!

Upon entry, I was greeted by the proprietor who in
ALL honesty was quite pleased with his gathering
of what I will just have to describe as EARLY

We shuffled thru the dust and cobwebs, AND ABOUT
THIS I FOOL YOU NOT, till we arrived at what I can
only describe the filthiest display cabinet I have
ever experienced !! In fact, it could have doubled
for a playground for small children with the amount
of dirt and dust covering it !! Following a swift
broom sweeping of the face and top of the cabinet,
I could makeout what appeared to be a rather
interesting 'large' dish !!

Being a TOTAL Belleek neophyte, at this time, I had
NO idea of what I was viewing !! I did know that a
BLACK mark was 'GOOD' !! So I proceeded to examine
what was obviously Belleek !!

I finally questioned the kind gentleman as to 'just
what do you need to realize for this item' ?? He
replied that the ABSOLUTE BEST he could do, at this
time, would be $50.00 !!

Well, the rest is HISTORY !! Of course, up here
in Washington, there IS a sales tax, BUT he threw
in the packaging !! My SURPRISE, was upon arriving
home, I researched this new acquired treasure and
to my glee it was THE GRASS TEATRAY !!

The follow is a picture of my acquisitions of Grass
Items this year ONLY !! The Cavalier is like a ten
year old purchase, but beginning with this gallant
gentleman and proceeding in clockwise direction we
see the Medium Teapot, Covered Muffin or Biscuit
Dish, Coffee Pot, Tray to the Butter or Preserve
Covered Dish and finally the Carving Platter !!


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