Friday, May 25, 2001

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 5.3)
Domke, Alma Grace (Baird)
I wish to express my sincerest thanks for all of you
out there in Belleek land, as well as others, who
honoured my mothers passing with their expressed
sympathies !!

May God bless all of you for your kind remembrances
and thoughts !!

This is an 'oldie but goodie' !!
I have FINALLY applied Gina's updates to my Web Site !!
These include the indices for the 11/3 2000 Belleek
Newsletter as well as those from the MASSIVE 12/1 2001
Newsletter !!

For those of you that maintain the 'FORMATED' pages,
just look for a REVISION Date of 9-May-2001 !!

Well, the following is what I promised in my last
newslettre !!

In the next couple of weeks, I will be updating my
lists of FORSALEs and WANTs !! Please be advised to
keep an 'eye' out for when I get this project ALL
together !!

I HAVE actually updated my WANTs and am working on my
FORSALE Web Site !!

Hopefully, ALL attendees have made your reservations
by this date !! The actual convention dates are from

July 26th. thru the 29th., but usually MANY Belleekers
arrive early and depart late to spend quality time
with old acquaintances and to scalp the local land
of Belleek !!

IF you are planning on staying over a tad, you may
want to take note of the next item !!

I PLAN on arriving August 23rd. and I'll be staying
at the Rosemont Inn adjacent to Chicago's O'Hare
International Airport !!

PLEASE pass this information onto any of your Chapter
members that you either know are attending or suspect
may be taking a holiday to Chicago for this spectacular
show which will be opening August 24th. and running
thru the weekend !!

ALL the information has been posted on my Web Site
under the UPCOMING EVENTS page !!

** CRISS CROSS !! **
I'm going to proceed somewhat like the stock market for
a tad and try to tie up some similarities !!

The item you see pictured below is NOT Irish Belleek,
but a spectacular example of Royal Worcester, c1898 !!

I first found this example VERY compelling as to the
BRONZE colouring that the pottery produced on the
figures !! I have NO idea as to where they could
discouver the proper glaze and paint tones and firing
requirements !!

Moving on from this, Belleek, as far as I can determine,
NEVER produced any turtles or monkeys !! They DID
however produce several FROGS !! The MOST common of
these would be the Frog Paperweight, which was produced
during the 1st. and 2nd. Periods as a 'real' frog and
then again later, during the 6th. Period more like a
'rodent' !!

The Belleek Frog was also utilized as the finial to the
ink well on the Mermaid Inkwell Figural !! If you note,
that the picture of the Mermaid Inkwell Finial in the
1904 catalogue is in fact a 5-spar branch of coral !! Obviously, the Pottery, again, had several different designs for this particular finial !!

Moving along, let's examine the BAMBOO shoot !!
Belleek had designs on Bamboo in not only the series
of Cane Spills, but also as the predominate design of
the Ribbon Biscuit Jar and MOST notably on the Bamboo
Teapot !!

What can we say regarding this 'atrocious' spill with
a combination of Frog upon Monkey upon Turtle with a
Bamboo spill to all ?? Well, in the time period of,
let's say the Potteries founding, and until like around
1900, potters were ALL firing in coal fueled kilns
which, to say the least, were NOT the best to fire
'large' or 'complex' objects !! So, what we discouver,
is that the Designers utilized specific type designs
that would either support themselves, i.e., like lean
together, OR they would design the particular item with
a 'camouflaged' support !! The immediate items that
arise in my mind regarding Belleek are the Horse and
Snake where a tree pole is utilized with the serpents
tail raped around it !! Then, we have the Stag and
Hounds with the Stag 'falling' upon a tree, again, a
method of 'bracing' the structure up !! The MOST
common examples would be the Pair of Belgian Hawkers
who's baskets rest on a square pillar to prevent their
collapse during firing !!

I know that these are but a few of the proper examples
but hopefully you will be able to discouver the
craftsmanship of the original potters !! They were
GREAT, as are the Potteries present designers !!

Royal Worcester Turtle, Monkey and Frog with Bamboo !!


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