Thursday, May 10, 2001

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 5.2)
Domke, Alma Grace (Baird)
April 3, 2001, age 86, in Lacey, WA formerly of
Webster, NY. Predeceased by her husband, Dr. Delmar
Domke, former medical director of Oregon State Welfare
Commission; daughter, Bonnie B. Domke; brothers,
Walter and Dewey Baird; sister, Elizabeth M. Spuck.
She is survived by her son, Delmar E. Domke of
Bellevue, WA; grandchild, Eryn Anne Domke of Portland,
OR; sisters, Wilda J. Carnell of Dundee, NY and Olive
M. Kotwas of Webster, NY; many nieces & nephews. Mrs.
Domke, a graduate nurse from Highland Hospital is
believed to be the first nurse from the Rochester area
to enter the Army Nursing Corp., 12/10/1940. During
WWII Mrs. Domke traveled with her husband, then a
Colonel and army surgeon, throughout Europe. They
were also stationed at many army posts in the states.

A Graveside Service will be held Saturday, April 28th,
12PM at Webster Union Cemetery, 345 Webster Road,
Webster. In lieu of flowers, contributions in her
memory may be directed to :

Panorama City Convalescent Center
1751 Circle Lane SE
Lacey, WA 98503

or the : Alzheimer's Assoc.
435 E. Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14620

Arrs: Anthony Funeral Chapel.
I have FINALLY applied Gina's updates to my Web Site !!
These include the indices for the 11/3 2000 Belleek
Newsletter as well as those from the MASSIVE 12/1 2001
Newsletter !!

For those of you that maintain the 'FORMATED' pages,
just look for a REVISION Date of 9-May-2001 !!

In the next couple of weeks, I will be updating my
lists of FORSALEs and WANTs !! Please be advised to
keep an 'eye' out for when I get this project ALL
together !!

I was FORTUNATE enough to obtain 3 (three) items from
these latest 2 (two) auctions !! UNFORTUNATELY, I've
not received them as yet, BUT hopefully as you read
this, I will be in possession of these treasures !!

HINT : I acquired (another) basket, a duplicate
Christmas plate and a Miniature Crested Jug !!

I don't wish to necessarily duplicate everything that
the wonderful host Trillium Chapter and Angela have
already published in The Belleek Collector, but this
will make sure that the details are on the Internet
AND maybe we'll latch onto some new members ??
This will be the second convention held outside the US,
the first being at Stoke on Trent !! Dates are from
July 26th. thru the 29th., but usually MANY Belleekers
arrive early and depart late to spend quality time with
old acquaintances and to scalp the local land of Belleek !!
Hopefully, you have all made your reservations as the
Chapter can make better arrangements the more in advance
they can schedule for space, meals, etc. Actually, they
were hoping for reservations to be made PRIOR to
November 30th, 2000 !!
Room reservations can be made DIRECTLY with the Hotel
at 1-800-222-8888 !! Special rates of CAN$ 115
(standard) and CAN$125 (premium) room rates should
be requested as you identify yourself as a Belleeker
attending the Belleek Convention !!
I've had NO feedback regarding my newest label format
for those chapters lacking an E-Secretary so can I
assume that all is well ??

By the way, I've FINALLY created some Belleek cards for
myself and will be including one with each of this
Newslettre's mailings !! Let me know what you think
of them ??

** A 'DRAGON' SPILL !! **
Adding onto my last newslettre, Belleek DEFINITELY
named this one properly !! Would ANYONE want a PAIR
of these ?? If you missed my prior Lettre, I had a
revelation regarding Vases v.s. Spills !! You may
obtain a copy of this PRIOR newslettre by selecting
the Prior Newslettre off my main Web Site page !!

In any case, this item 'popped' up on E-Bay, the
Internet Auction Site, and I was fortunate enough to
acquire it !! LUCKY ME !! To my knowledge, the ONLY
other example of this spectacular item, resides in the
Ulster Museum !!

I personally have spent my entire collecting life in
search of this wonderful example of Belleek !! This
just goes to show all you collectors out there that
EVERYTHING, in it's own time, eventually shows it's
face on the auction (or sales) block !!

Now, let's get into some theory !! If this is a
'Dragon', I'm George Moore, and we ALL know that I'm
NOT even close to good old George !! You know, he's
the suave and sophisticated one and I'm the 'other' !!

In any case, this IS a FINE example of a Tyrannosaurus !!
It's STILL my belief that Belleek currently has and did
have the FINEST porcelain craftspeople in the civilized
world !! Unfortunately, in the before time of the
Pottery, these apprentices were trained extensively in
the arts of molding, firing, painting, etc., but they
were not afforded the privilege of a proper formal
education !! Thus, the 'simple' naming of a dynamic
prehistoric beast, the Tyrannosaurus, simply named a
'Dragon' !!

Below, I have photographed, the Dragon Spill with the
background as an example of my tee shirt collection !!
You make your own judgement !!

A Dragon (Tyrannosaurus) Spill !!
So, JUST WHAT does everyone out there think ??


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