Saturday, February 24, 2001

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 5.1)
As expected, Jean's collection drew worldwide interest !!
Hopefully, everyone came away from her auction with new
treasures to add to their collections ?? I for one was
VERY fortunate to obtain a couple of items to add to my
collection !! Unfortunately, for me, but to other's
benefit, I couldn't figure out how to place an On-Line
bid till like there were only about a dozen lots left !!
WOE is me !!
Able Auctions has ANOTHER Belleek Auction scheduled
April 28, 10AM PST or 11AM MST or 6PM GMT !! I
have been
advised that it will consist of 300 lots of
Belleek from
2 (two) estates, another from Arizona and
one from Nevada !!
Able may be contacted at
1-480-949-1077 or (toll free) at
1-877-970-2253 for
additional information !! If you are
reading this
On-Line, here is their hyperlink :

http://www.ableauctions.com !!
I felt it ONLY appropriate to acknowledge the hard work
and expertise of some of our chapters at this advent of
a New Year !! I would like to award the U.K. Collectors
Group my Medal of Merit for their production of their
Newsletter !! Unfortunately, they 'live' there, so have
a slight advantage over the rest of us !! BUT they
consistently produce a volouminous work filled with
MANY contributions from their members !! I will award
second place to our newly formed chapter, the Sunshine
Chapter as I TOTALLY believe they have taken hint from
the U.K.

Seriously, though, GET YOUR MEMBERS INVOLVED !!
It's amazing what each and every individual has to
contribute !!

As ALWAYS, Lori and Ben Harlan host a spectacular
Belleek Fair at the Silver Cloud Inn in Portland,
Oregon !! This years fair will feature, our own,
Ms. Angela Moore, as well as the customary Belleek
sales tables from WORLDWIDE RENOUNED dealers !!
If you don't have your reservations as yet, you
may wish to contact Lori and Ben at 425-828-4247 or
E-mail them at harlan@gte.net !!
I don't wish to necessarily duplicate everything that
the wonderful host Trillium Chapter and Angela have
already published in The Belleek Collector, but this
will make sure that the details are on the Internet
AND maybe we'll latch onto some new members ??
This will be the second convention held outside the US,
the first being at Stoke on Trent !! Dates are from
July 26th. thru the 29th., but usually MANY Belleekers
arrive early and depart late to spend quality time with
old acquaintances and to scalp the local land of Belleek !!
Hopefully, you have all made your reservations as the
Chapter can make better arrangements the more in advance
they can schedule for space, meals, etc. Actually, they
were hoping for reservations to be made PRIOR to
November 30th, 2000 !!
Room reservations can be made DIRECTLY with the Hotel
at 1-800-222-8888 !! Special rates of CAN$ 115
(standard) and CAN$125 (premium) room rates should
be requested as you identify yourself as a Belleeker
attending the Belleek Convention !!
For those chapters that have naught a Chapter
E-Secretary, i.e., ANYONE with Internet access
that I can E-mail my post to, you will experience
a new physical label format !! I have expanded
your labels from a 1"x4" to a 2"x4" which allows
me extra space for everything !! Happy Labels !!
** VASES v.s. SPILLS !! **
To quote directly from Lady Marion, in her original
works' : "The dictionary tells us that a vase 'is an
ornamental container to hold flowers and water', but
this is clearly an over-simplified definition. For
instance the Spill Vase was designed to be placed on
the mantel shelf to hold spills used to take a
light from the fire before the days of matches."
I have spent YEARS on this idea and would like to
contribute my ideas here !! Belleekers, world-over
have argued the merits of Vases v.s. Spills with
every idea from size to shape to flowering to
painting not forgotten !!
Several weeks ago, IT JUMPED OUT AT ME !! (I was
showering at the time and seem to be able to
concentrate better there !!) In any case, I was
running my collection through my brains and it
JUST SHOT OUT !! Size and/or shape have NOTHING
to do with it !! It's SIMPLY MARKETING !!
Spills are designed to be marketed as SINGLE units
The EASIEST of these to verify is the Aberdeen Vase !!
I WILL admit, that some of these you have to stretch
bit, like the Frog Vases, BUT they are designed to
be purchased ONE BIG with ONE SMALL !!
If you look at enough Prince Authur Vases, you will
discouver a DISTINCT 'Left' and 'Right' handed ones
based on the directions of their flower sprays !!
Below, I have photographed, the pair of Lizard Vases,
which are REALLY a pair, JUST NOT in these
photo's !!
The LEFT Lizard is 'REAL', the 'RIGHT' Lizard is his
'mirror' image !! The wonderment
of computers !!
These WERE PRODUCED as a pair as
I used to possess the
'Right' handed one, but alas,
he was uncoloured, so I
set him free !!

Another, minute point with these Lizards, I know OF NO
Lizards indigenous to Ireland NOT to mention
the fact
that he is coiled around some form of
fungi, possibly
a Spleenwort, AND additionally
has webbed toes !! This
IS a Salamander !! But Lizard sounds 'tough' and
Salamander is sort of
whippy so I guess you can call it
as you wish ??

Lizard Vase (Left) Lizard Vase (Right) !!

The REAL item, i.e., the LEFT Salamander,
is of 1st. period !!

So, JUST WHAT does everyone out there think ??


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