Friday, December 08, 2000

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 4.5)
George has done it again !! I have heard it for the
first time and have THREE confirmations that Belleek
has, YES, bought out Donnegal !! This is VERY exciting
as The Donnegal Pottery was established by former
Belleek employees !! With this in mind, we may very
well see some of the Donnegal artistry influence flow
over into future Belleek Ware ??

Jean's MASSIVE collection of Belleek will go on auction
during the 2 days of February 10 and 11, 2001 !! As
everyone, who have had the privilege visiting her
collection, and those of us whom have seen pictures of
it as well as studied her published book, know that
this will be the feature event of the year as expected !!
Able Auctions at 1-480-949-1077 or www.ableauctions.com
will be managing her sale !!

As ALWAYS, Lori and Ben Harlan host a spectacular
Belleek Fair at the Silver Cloud Inn in Portland,
Oregon !! This years fair will feature, our own,
Ms. Angela Moore, as well as the customary Belleek
sales tables from WORLDWIDE RENOUNED dealers !!
This year's date is set at April 28, 2001 beginning
at 8:30AM !! Be sure to make your reservations EARLY
at the Silver Cloud as space fills up VERY QUICKLY !!
You can contact Lori and Ben at 425-828-4247 or on the
Internet at harlan@gte.net !!

This was a WONDERFUL year with all the customary
dealers' displays !! This particular year boasted
TWO complete sales cases of Belleek Basket Ware as
well as another dealer with one of the Belleek
Spiderweb Woven Platters !! There were, as usual,
MANY deals to be made !!

** Collectors' NEWS and UPDATES !! **
I have updated Gina's index of the Belleek Collectors'
Newsletters and (hopefully) ALL chapters have someone
that can extract them off my Web Site ?? Remember,
that using the 'formatted' version of this index allows
one to print ONLY those pages with a 'later' revision
date, i.e., the 'This Page Last Updated' which is
centered on the top of each page !! NOTE : 12/13/14 -
November - 2000 is the latest date !!

ACTUALLY, NO !! Simply put, this is a work from the
Royal Worcester Potteries !! I'm placing it here to
describe some of the latent similarities that arose
during the 'Victorian' era against competing potteries !!
I would have to lend this tendency to not only the
popular affliction for the 'unusual' but for the
eminent displacement of artists as they hired out
consistently between different potteries !! In (this)
first installment
I have pictured an example of Royal
Worcester's craftsperson work, VERY similar to
Belleek's Thorn pattern, i.e., the replication of a
Spider's Environment !!

Royal Worcester Spider Web !!

For those of you interested in the REAL production of
this spectacular plate, it ranges in the time period
from 1943 to 1948, inclusive !! It is of obsessive
interest, at least to me, that Royal Worcester can be
dated, to an EXACT YEAR, from, at least, the mid 1800's
till approximately 1962 with the obvious exception of
the 'WAR' years, in this case !!

Royal Worcester Mark !!


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