Monday, July 17, 2000

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 4.3)
Lady Marion and I will be arriving August 17th. and
we'll both be staying at the Rosemont Inn adjacent to
Chicago's O'Hare International Airport !!

PLEASE pass this information onto any of your Chapter
members that you either know are attending or suspect
may be taking a holiday to Chicago for this spectacular
show which will be opening August 18th. and running
thru the weekend !!

ALL the information has been posted on my Web Site
under the UPCOMING EVENTS page !!

** Collectors' NEWS and UPDATES !! **
I have updated Gina's index of the Belleek Collectors'
Newsletters and (hopefully) ALL chapters have someone
that can extract them off my Web Site ?? Remember,
that using the 'formatted' version of this index allows
one to print ONLY those pages with a 'later' revision
date, i.e., the 'This Page Last Updated' which is
centered on the top of each page !! NOTE : 4/30/2000
is the latest date !!

I was (really) trying to get this posted A.S.A.P.
following my return from this spectacular event but
unfortunately, I've been inundated with MORE projects
around my newly acquired condo !!

I believe this to be the BIGGEST Antique Fair held ANY
WHERE in the civilized world as we know it !! It was
held in the NEW Convention Center at Atlantic City the
weekend of March 25th. !! Their new center has a main
showroom that occupies, I am told, 10 acres !! In
addition to the Antiques Roadshow being filmed LIVE,
there were 1,600 dealers !! My fascination was with
the diversity of items being offered : There were
actually TWO dealers selling nothing other than 'OLD
T.V. GUIDE' magazines !!

Outside the show you have the beautiful WHITE sand
between the spectacular Atlantic Ocean views and the
Boardwalk !!
If you're into it, virtually EVERY door
has some sort of gaming behind it !! And if you've
never ventured to the North East, you JUST won't find
the professional hot dog vendors like they have working
the Boardwalk hawking their hots and pretzels !!

WELL WORTH THE TRIP !! The ONLY disadvantage is that
NO major airlines fly into Atlantic City, BUT to make
up for it (HINT) get a direct flight into Philadelphia
and then go for a splendid PRIVATE limo ride thru the
countryside and direct to Atlantic City !!

My 1st. newslettre this year included a section on the
identification of the differences between Limpet, Neptune
and Tridacna (Saucers) !! WELL, I was ALMOST correct
and now have additional information AS WELL AS FOUR
GREAT pictures displaying the differences !! I have
included here my original verbiage :

"The other day I had a VERY interesting question posed
to me by one of our Belleeker friends !! I was once
puzzled by this same identical anomaly !! The question
was : "JUST how does one distinguish between Tridacna
and Neptune Tea Saucers ??" My reply follows :

"GOOD question !! I hope to provide you an equally
satisfying answer ??

Looking at page 90 (ninety) of Dick's (Degenhardt) 2nd
(second) book : (This is probably the best picture as it
shows BOTH Neptune and Tridacna patterns !! I will
include in my discussion the Limpet pattern as well !!)

The Tridacna saucers are essentially 'smooth' on the
surface with just a 'bit' of 'rolling' contour
and the edges of these are turned a 'bit' up !! The
underside of the Tridacna saucer matches the 'ribbing'
on the exterior of their cup !!

BOTH the Neptune and Limpet saucers have their 'ribbing',
i.e., the shell-like design, on the TOP of their saucers
to match the exterior of their cups !! The bottoms of
these saucers are smooth !!

SO, what is the difference between Neptune and Limpet ??
The center of the Neptune is LARGER to accommodate,
very comfortably, the 3 (three) feet, i.e., the 2 (two)
shells and the coral sprig !!

Hope this helps !! Unfortunately, these are often
interchanged !! EVEN within the same teaset !!"

(END of QUOTE from Newslettre # 4.1 !!)
PLEASE, NOTE, that the 1st. picture is of ALL five
saucers and the 2 larger ones are 'farmers' size or
that used by the moustache cups !! The other 3 are
'regular' size, NOT demitasse or coffee size !! The
additional 3 (three) pictures are just 'portions' of
the 1st. one !!

I will paraphrase, to the best of my ability, the
additional information, which was forwarded to me by
our resident expert on this subject, as well as MANY
others, Lady Marion Langham :

"On ALL the saucers, the saucer reflects the pattern
on the cup - if you look at the Neptune and Tridacna
Cups, the same pattern (is reflected) in well defined
ridges running towards the centre of the saucer -
Tridacna has none of these."

"Tridacna and LATER Limpet are inside out - that is to
say the pattern which is on the cup is on the underside
of the saucer."

"Neptune and FOOTED, i.e., EARLY, Limpet have saucers
with the pattern on the TOP of the saucer, i.e., the
part nearest the cup."

"The difference between Footed Limpet and Neptune is
the well defined ring of coral on the inner ring (of
the Footed Limpet) - this (coral ring) does not exist
on later Limpet"

Belleek Saucers # 1 !!
Saucers # 2 !!

Saucers # 3 !!

Saucers # 4 !!

Four wonderful pictures of Belleek Saucers
Donated by Lady Marion Langham
for ALL the Collectors' benefit !!

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