Friday, February 18, 2000

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 4.2)
I JUST received the preliminary request documenting
the recognition of our fellow Belleekers of Florida
as the SUNSHINE chapter of the B.C.I.S. !! They have
applied for membership with an enthusiastic 22 members !!
A BIG BELLEEK welcome to the SUNSHINE Chapter, our
29th, I believe !! I don't have ALL the details at
this time, but to you fellow Belleekers out there in
Florida land that pick this up off my Web Site, please
contact me and I will pass hour information onto the
Sunshine Chapter Officers !! I've been trying to
contact them to see if they would reconsider their
name and apply as the "HURRICANE" Chapter !!

** Collectors' NEWS and UPDATES !! **
In my last, unfortunately quite short, newslettre,
I introduced everyone to Gina's Index of the Belleek
Collector's Newsletter !! I have performed additional
work on this index and you now have the option of
printing, from my Web Site, either a formatted or
unformatted index !!

The FORMATTED index enters at thee documents index
and you can pick and choose the actual pages, i.e.,
like teasets, etc., to print !! ALL the pages in
the formatted style contain a "PAGE LAST UPDATED"
feature allowing you to ONLY print those pages that
have been modified !!

The UNFORMATTED index is EXACTLY what it states !!
You get NO page numbers, NO Index (face it, there
are NO page numbers), NO "LAST UPDATED" date, JUST
a simple page after page listing with the ONLY
reference to sections being that the headings are
in a PUCE Colour !!

ALL the information has been posted on my web site
under the UPCOMING EVENTS page !! More on this in
my next newslettre !!

** BOOK # 2 Chapter # 2 **
I TOTALLY promised ALL of you out there that that
Chapter # 2 WOULD be in print PRIOR to my journey's
to the BIG Antique Fair in Atlantic City in March !!

Well, HERE IT IS !!
This has become somewhat of a soap opera where it is
increasingly difficult to keep proper track of all
it's players ??

In any case, to conclude with out friend Bob, a GREAT
Belleeker, whom added innumerable insight to this story,
I again quote directly from him :

"Based on your accounts, I'll have to 'merge' them into
my accounts, which came directly from Sydney, Jr. ??
Sydney's son who ran the store (Sydney Reynolds) name
was Geoff he was more interested in cars than selling
china and eventually sold the business to Dick Wedgwood
(no "e" in his name) Geoff died 10-15 years ago. I
worked with Paul one of Geoff's sons. Anyway Dick has
gone and got a job with Barry Lee of Butchart Gardens.
He was the Guy that was trying to peddle the prisoner
of love at the Seattle convention, This is becoming a
FACINATING story !!"

Bob further continues :
"Dick Wedgwood sold Sydney Reynolds to the outfit that
has a couple of other china shops including the one in
the Empress hotel, don't know their name off hand, will
phone if you want. My version of the Prisoner of Love!!"

Now, everything gets TOTALLY fascinating !! Bob's
research discouvers the following facts !! Again,
I quote :

"To change the subject a little, you mention that the
international center piece was sold to Horace Mann,
I agree that an American bought it BUT what I was
wondering is in Sydney's "Romance of Irish Belleek"
the International Center has 6 strings on the harps
while the International
center in the Mann Catalog
has 7? also Sydney's has the dog chains missing which
is possible, also the flowers are different, picture
could be taken from different direction, and last
Mann's is suppose to be 5 period 1955-65 where as
these pieces where to have been shipped out before
the war which should 3 Black or older. Let me know
what your thoughts are. Paul is going to try and verify
the exact dates the closest so far is 1989 for his dad
death. I made some good contacts so far with this
project, will go further Bob ."

I want to thank Bob for ALL his labours and timeless
research to discouver these absolutely splendid facts !!

One might want to consider another observation by
myself !! During my original meeting with Geoff, he
produced not only an original Lithopane, BUT
additionally, a SIGNED cheque from Horace Mann,
with the directions that upon deciding to sell the
Prisoner that his henchmen would deliver her from
Vancouver to Texas upon demand !! This seems to
provide us with additional facts that Horace did
indeed purchase, at some time, additional items from
Sydney Reynolds, possibly a THIRD Prisoner of love as
by working backwards in this diatribe, it seems
impossible for the original purchase to have been the
International Centerpiece ?? I leave this as GREAT
food for thought !!

A FINAL observation to complete this work !! If one
takes a close, actually, you can see it from quite
some distance, study of the picture of the Prisoners'
head, you will notice that she looks somewhat familiar ??
Well, SHE SHOULD !! The Bust of Sorrow is nothing more
than a chiseled down Prisoner of Love !! If you have
ever been to the Pottery and seen their Prisoner in
their Museum, one can easily notice that her arms are
essentially applied to her torso as are numerous other
body parts, etc. !! The designers of Sorrow simply
snipped off the Prisoner at her bust, leaving the bare
shoulders and head and applied this work to a pedestal !!
Voila !! The Bust of Sorrow !!

ENDE (or Beginning ??)
of The Prisoners' Affairs !!
Beautiful Visage !!

A wonderful clasp of the Prisoner's visage,
complete with her Golden Tiara
and flowing locks to her shoulders !!


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