Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 4.1)
This will be a rather short newslettre of ramblings as
we have just acquired, complements of Gina Kelland and
the U.K. Chapter, an ABSOULTELY SPLENDID Cross Index
of ALL the articles EVER published in The Belleek
Collector !! For those of you receiving this via
E-mail, I have attached a copy, for your perusal, to
this mailing !!

A MUCH BETTER COPY is available thru my Web Site !!
Go to my main page and LEFT click on "Gina Kelland's

For those Chapters who don't currently have an
E-Secretary, I am TRULY sorry, but as this is a 27,
YES twenty seven, page document, I have neither the
resources nor expense to afford sending ALL of you a
copy !!

What I may suggest, is that you contact a neighbor,
relative or your local library that has Internet
access and they will be able to provide you a copy
of this magnificent document for your own use !!
If you JUST show them my Web Site address, listed
below, they WILL KNOW how to proceed from there !!

BOTH Gina and the U.K. chapter have given ALL
Belleekers their permission to make unlimited use,
i.e., copies, of their research and efforts !! THUS,
DON'T be alarmed by the leading page on the Internet
that asks that you 'ACCEPT' their Copyright !! This
cover page is provided to discourage Un-Belleekers
from copying this invaluable information !! I do
believe that I've coined a new term in 'Un-Belleekers' ??

Gina has also promised to update this index on an 'issue
by issue' of The Belleek Collector basis !!

I don't know about the rest of you Belleekers out
there in Belleek land, but for myself, this index
is invaluable as I can now find, quite quickly, ANY
article of interest without 'flipping' thru 2 (two)
binders of newsletters !!

** Collectors' NEWS and UPDATES !! **
The other day I had a VERY interesting question posed
to me by one of our Belleeker friends !! I was once
puzzled by this same identical anomaly !! The question
was : "JUST how does one distinguish between Tridacna
and Neptune Tea Saucers ??" My reply follows :

"GOOD question !! I hope to provide you an equally
satisfying answer ??

Looking at page 90 (ninety) of Dick's (Degenhardt) 2nd
(second) book : (This is probably the best picture as
it shows BOTH Neptune and Tridacna patterns !! I will
include in my discussion the Limpet pattern as well !!)

The Tridacna saucers are essentially 'smooth' on the
surface with just a 'bit' of 'rolling' contour
and the edges of these are turned a 'bit' up !! The
underside of the Tridacna saucer matches the 'ribbing'
on the exterior of their cup !!

BOTH the Neptune and Limpet saucers have their 'ribbing',
i.e., the shell-like design, on the TOP of their saucers
to match the exterior of their cups !! The bottoms of
saucers are smooth !!
SO, what is the difference between Neptune and Limpet ??
The center of the Neptune is LARGER to accommodate,
very comfortably, the 3 (three) feet, i.e., the 2 (two)
shells and the coral sprig !!

Hope this helps !! Unfortunately, these are often
interchanged !! EVEN within the same teaset !!"

ALL the information has been posted on my web site
under the UPCOMING EVENTS page !! More on this in
my next newslettre !!

** I Promised You All This Volume !! **
I TOTALLY promise ALL of you out there that that
Chapter # 2 WILL be in print PRIOR to my journey's
to the BIG Antique Fair in Atlantic City in March !!
PLEASE be patient with me on this one !!


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