Sunday, June 27, 1999

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 3.4)
** August 13 thru 15, 1999 **
I'll be arriving into Chicago for the grand summer
antique fair sometime the day of August 12th !!
I plan on staying at the Rosemont Hotel at the
Convention Center by O'Hare International Airport
for the duration !!

I have received an even DOZEN complimentary passes to
the show which I will give out to fellow Belleekers,
basically, on a first come you get a pass basis !! If
you desire passes, please leave word, i.e., a message
for me at the Rosemont and include where I can contact
you and the number of passes you would like !!

** Belleek Millennium Convention **
** Washington, D.C.**

** September 24th.thru 26th. 1999 !! **
WOW !! I hope all of you Belleekers out there in
Belleek land have either finalized your plans for the
upcoming Millennium Convention or if not are well on
your way to doing so !!

Actually, I have HALF of my arrangements confirmed as
you read this !! If you read this in July, I JUST may
be fully confirmed !!

The deadline for submitting your order for the Special
Millennium Plate HAS NOW PASSED !! If you forgot to
order yours, you will have to wait for the (actually,
ANY) Secondary Market offerings !!

I'm STILL planning on filming a couple of videos, one
of my collection and the other a surprise !! If Angela
can fit me in and there is sufficient interest, the
hotel assures me they have the proper projection
equipment for a LARGE screen presentation !!

As Angela is quite busy, if you are interested in
viewing a basic home video, PLEASE contact the home
office at 1-800-BELLEEK and let Charlotte know to
leave an updated count for Angela !! REMEMBER, we're
a democratic Society and YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT !!

Well, the auction has ended, but I'm not sure the
excitement has ended for all those involved !!
Personally, I find it VERY hard to imagine how
Sotheby's can hold either pre auction viewings or
auctions virtually EVERY day of the year !! Hopefully,
they will have another very successful Irish auction
next year ??

In any case, I have listed the results of ALL the
Belleek lots on my Web Site !! Unfortunately, to
include ALL of them here would require 30 (YES, THIRTY)
pages as I listed 'full' descriptions this year !!
Hopefully, at least ONE Member of your chapter received
a catalogue and post sales prices and can share them
with you ??

I am also hopeful that at least one Chapter Member also
obtained a new treasure from the auction !!

As I DO have a bit of space, a couple major items of
interest were :

105. A rare Belleek double photo frame
First Period (1863-1890)
modeled with two oval beaded cartouches
within a profusely flower-encrusted border,
supported on twig feet
double black printed marks, 29cm., 11Iin.,
brass easel fittings, strut missing, minor chips
2,000 - 2,500
US$ 3,341 -US$ 4,176
Selling Price: 3,910
108. An unusual Belleek tete-a-tete
First Period (1863-1890)
painted by E.W. Swann, signed, with British birds
within gilt beaded cartouches reserved against
a pale green ground,
comprising: a quatrelobed tray, a teapot and cover,
a milk jug, a sucrier and cover,
and two cups and saucers (10)
black printed marks, artist's signature to tray,
42cm., 16Iin., haircrack to tray
2,000 - 3,000
US$ 3,341 -US$ 5,011
Selling Price: 8,625
154. A Belleek 'Rathmore' basket
Second Period (1891-1926)
with four strand centre beneath a triple looped rim,
set with twig handles and elaborate feet
applied ribbon impressed 'BELLEEK CO. FERMANAGH IRELAND',
28cm., 11in., some restoration to extremities
600 - 800
US$ 1,003 -US$ 1,337
Selling Price: 2,530
177. An unusual Belleek 'Thorn' mug
First Period (1863-1890)
the moulding picked out in pink and green enamel,
highlighted in gilding
black printed factory mark and registration diamond,
8cm., 3Iin.
280 - 350
US$ 468 -US$ 585
Selling Price: 483
215. A fine and rare Belleek 'bronzed'
figure of 'The Crouching Venus'
First Period (1863-1890)
the goddess modeled seated on a rocky shell
and wave-strewn base, wearing gilt bracelets
and band through her hair
impressed and black printed marks, 46cm., 18in.
This fine figure, which normally appears in Parian,
is the only known 'bronzed' example.
See M. Langham for a discussion of this model,
in Belleek Irish Porcelain, p.7, pl.ST.9.
15,000 - 20,000
US$ 25,051 -US$ 33,401
Selling Price: 17,250
The Evergreen Chapter held a Charity Auction at their
Summer meeting to raise MUCH needed proceeds for the
Eastside Domestic Violence Program which maintains and
staffs shelters and facilities for victims of domestic
violence and their dependent children !! All in all,
the Chapter raised over $850 for this VERY deserving
cause !! THANKS Evergreen members for your donations
and support !! The Chapter also wishes to thank those
individuals and businesses who donated items from
outside the Chapter !!

PLEASE let me know what your chapter is doing or has
done so I may include a brief description in this space
for other Chapters to gather ideas from !!

** THE PRISONER (the continuing saga) **
The Prisoner of Love has arrived at her new home !!
. . .(end part # 3) !!

And we continue now with our story !!
I've only had her for a brief time when I receive a
phone call in the middle of the morning. I answer the
and low and behold it's Fergus Cleary (ed.
Note : Current Head Designer of the Pottery, among many
other tasks) !! He had discouvered that I had acquired
the Prisoner and wanted to chat a bit. My immediate
question to him was "Do you have ANY idea exactly what
time it is ??". His reply was "Of course, it's lunch
time, that's why I have
a break and can call you !!".
My reply was "It may be lunch time where you are but
it's three o'clock in the morning here !!". Suffice it
to say, that I believe the Irish ARE correct in that
the world is flat and that the sun does revolve around
the earth, thus providing us with a single time zone in
a universal manner !! During our discussion he made it
clear that due to the marking of the piece, i.e., she
only has an impressed first period mark, that his
opinion was that this was the first Prisoner cast by
the Pottery !!

The Prisoner and I move around for years and eventually
the time of the Burbank international Belleek convention
transpires. I am relating this story to George Moore
(our owner who just maybe in "direct conflict of
with our fearless leader based on testimony
by several
obscure members, who really wish to remain
anonymous !!) down at the hotel bar one afternoon and
George finally responds "I want MY Prisoner of Love
back" !! I recount again this story to him and leave
the matter settled with a solid legal argument of
"finders keepers" !!

Two additional years pass and it's now 1995 and time
our gala convention in Seattle !! As I am
Belleek with several persons up in the
hospitality suite
a nice gentleman approaches the
group, and awaiting his
turn, finally introduces
himself as the new owner of the
Sydney Reynolds Glass
and China Shop. As the discussion
progresses, he
indicates that as the new owner he had
looked forward
to meeting with the person who had purchased
'other' Prisoner of Love and that he now had the

Prisoner on the banister up for sale !! I find this
VERY interesting !! In any case, the prisoner on the
banister is a second period version and completely
glazed over and extremely wonderful !! You can see the
ad for her at belleek@oceanside.com (ed. Note : I don't
know if she is still or currently for sale) !!

Now, we jump ahead another couple of years and here I
at the next international convention hosted by the
of our United Kingdom Chapter !! Following the
about 75 of the attendees track off to
Ireland for a mini
tour and one of our stops is of
course the Belleek Pottery.
The pottery has in its'
collection, what I believe to be,
a 5th period Prisoner
of Love rotating about in all her
splendor in a display
case. Of interest is that she is
also fully glazed but
has similar 'faults' to the original
version !!
Surprisingly, the pottery, even with its' new
improved gas kilns could not decipher the proper

parameters to enable them to produce such a work of art
without any drying or firing cracks ?? Keep in mind
that the Prisoner is reputedly the largest on
record of any individual figural produced by any
pottery !!

Now, shortly after my arrival home from this wonderful
excursion, I am contacted with news of another Prisoner
of Love but in this case she is, YES, in colour !! My
light up but seemingly the cost is prohibitive to
my diminutive budget !! Fortunately, the powers to be,
i.e., those with unlimited funds, were able to secure
marvelous statue and offer it to me at a reasonable
profit including terms !!
This brings me to the end of my rendition of the history
of my present Prisoner of Love as I have considered
sacrificing her in lieu of my current love !! If she
leaves me, I can only hope that the party who gives my
'ex' a better home will continue with this eulogy to her
beauty !!

(ENDE of BOOK 1 !!)
Chains of Love !!

A RARE view of the Rose Garland
which binds her Love as well as some
of the highlights from her robes !!
(from the Coloured Statue !!)


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