Sunday, May 16, 1999

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 3.3)


I would like to extend my personal welcome to the newly
reorganized Queen City Chapter that has recently
returned to our roster of active chapters !! This
Chapter will focus its membership from the areas of
South Western Ohio, South Eastern Indiana and Northern
Kentucky !! You are ALL invited to contact their
President Ms. Jeanne Chartier directly at
1-513-683-0315 !! WELCOME BACK QUEEN CITY !!

** August 13 thru 15, 1999 **

I'll be arriving into Chicago for the grand summer
antique fair sometime the day of August 12th !!
I plan on staying at the Rosemont Hotel at the
Convention Center by O'Hare International Airport
for the duration !! I'm working on getting us
Belleekers some complimentary passes for the show so
if you would desire one or more please leave your name
and reservation information for me so I can contact you
upon arrival !!


Hopefully, I will have some of the results of this
fabulous auction to include in my next newslettre !!
I've been scanning their catalogue for days now and
there is some VERY desirable and rare items being
offered this year !!
I hope that some of you Belleekers
out there are able to participate in this wonderful
event !!

** Belleek Millennium Convention **
** Washington, D.C.**

** September 24th.thru 26th. 1999 !! **

WOW !! I hope all of you Belleekers out there in
Belleek land have either finalized your plans for the
upcoming Millennium Convention or if not are well on
your way to doing so !!

As usual, I haven't made my arrangements as yet but
don't be a procrastinator like myself !! SIGN UP NOW !!

Remember, that the deadline for submitting your order
for the Special Millennium Plate is quickly upon us as
May 28th approaches quickly !! Orders MUST be RECEIVED
by the May 28th date !! If you are still confused
regarding this, orders may be placed, directly, by
phone, to Charlotte at B.C.I.S. headquarters at
1-800-BELLEEK !!

OR by post to :
The Belleek Collectors International Society
9893 Georgetown Pike, Suite 525
Great Falls
Virginia 22066

OR by FAX to : 1-703-847-6201 !!

You MUST be a B.C.I.S. member in good standing to
participate in this amazing offer so be sure to include
your membership number !!

I am planning on filming a couple of videos, one of my
collection and the other a surprise !! If Angela can
fit me in and there is sufficient interest, the hotel
assures me they have the proper projection equipment
for a LARGE screen presentation !!

** THE PRISONER (the continuing saga) **

We discover there are actually TWO Prisoners being
held !! ….(end part # 2) !!

And we continue now with our story !!

Now, to side step just a tad, I wonder somewhat, that
with all the Pottery's journals and explicit records,
just why they (i.e. the Pottery) didn't ever recouver
these magnificent artifacts at the cessation of the
worldwide hostilities ?? Just maybe, it was in part
due to the fact that there was still turmoil and strife
in Ireland ?? Enough for history as, I believe, by
common law, these works of art have now become included
in the estates of the Reynolds !!

We now retire to the shops basement where he (Geoff)
has brought the 'other' Prisoner in for my viewing !!
He is extremely generous in providing me with a copy of
his fathers pamphlet and also shows me the first
lithopane I had ever seen and went on to explain that
his father had told him that as the Belleek salespersons
came to visit they would bring these around in groups
of four to be made into lampshades !! This was born
out in that the one he had left had a single hole in
each of its' corners !! Amazing bunch of history !!

I examine this prisoner and am duly impressed and as we
continue our discussion, he goes on to explain the
complex settlement regarding his fathers'
property and
indicated that thirds of the estate will
be given him and another brother and sister. As he is
receiving the shop,
several large settlements have to
transpire to equal out
each of the survivors shares.
We discuss the value of the
Prisoner and finally settle
on "Since only two others (at that time) are known to
exist, you can ask whatever the
market will bear,
keeping in mind that it will have to be
sufficient to
satisfy all parties involved in the settlement thus
making everyone happy". I return home.

It seems like forever passes and then round about
1980, if my records are correct, I receive a
call from
Sydney (Geoff) stating that he and his
siblings have arrived at what they believe to be a fair
price for everyone. He quotes me the price and my only
question is "Is that in Canadian or U.S. dollars ??".
We arrange to meet after the first of the year, January
1981, and I drive up in my Karmann Ghia and lay the
Prisoner of Love in a large box on her backside in a
bed of styrofoam caterpillars to prepare her for ride
to her new home !!

The trip is totally uneventful except for a small
at the Canadian/U.S. border crossing. The
hostel customs agents wave me aside and demand
inspection of my cargo !!
Clumsily, I remove the
Prisoner and her box from the back
of the car and place
her on a table for inspection. I am
desperately trying
to instruct these morons regarding the
proper aging of
Belleek when a timely gust of wind arrives
and drives a
goodly half of the styrofoam caterpillars off down the
freeway !! At this point the two pretend CIA
glance at each other, decide I'm not truly a real

revolutionary and tell me to "get the hell out of here
as quickly as you can before we change our minds" (as if
they had any to change ??) !! Off to home and one would
think this story has ended, if not only due to its'
length but
it's a reasonable spot too stop ?? Well, NO !!

(to be continued !!)

Arrow of Love !!

A RARE view of Cupid's Arrow of Love
and Part of the Rose Garland which holds her Prisoner !!
(from the Coloured Statue !!)


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