Sunday, May 02, 1999

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 3.2)
** Sotheby's Irish Sale
London May 21st, 1999 !! **

Sotheby's Estate Services, et. all., will again be
conducting an Irish Sale at their London Galleries on,
actually, the same date they did last year !!
may be ordered by contacting them by
post at :

Marketing Department
34 - 35 New Bond Street
London W1A 2AA
Great Britain
Or you can call them direct at 0171 293 5289
or you may FAX them direct at 0171 293 5940 !!
Please NOTE : Apply the proper long distance and
code for your outgoing call, i.e., for the
U.S. you would
dial the number as :
011 44 171 293 5289 !!
If you are Unfortunate enough to have Internet access,
You can find the lot descriptions thru Sotheby's Web
Site at http://www.sothebys.com or alternately from my
Web Site below off the EVENTS page !! Pictures are
NOT available on line as the legal ramifications of
folks 'using' said pictures is yet to be worked out !!

** Belleek Millennium Convention **
** Washington, D.C.**

** September 24th.thru 26th. 1999 !! **
WOW !! I hope all of you Belleekers out there in
Belleek land have either finalized your plans for the
upcoming Millennium Convention or if not are well on
your way to doing so !!

As usual, I haven't made my arrangements as yet but
don't be a procrastinator like myself !! SIGN UP NOW !!

REMEMBER, the deadline for ordering the marvelous
Woven Millennium Plate is May 28, 1999 !! This is a
STRICT limited edition of 350 plates and NO MORE will
ever be offered for sale, other than on the secondary
market !! This plate, in my opinion, will appreciate
in collectors' value the moment it is produced !!

As is the FAIR policy, with Belleek Pottery Limited
Editions, if orders are received in excess of 350,then
a drawing will be held to determine the recipients of
the available stocks !!

If LESS than 350 orders are received, then those
requesting multiple purchases will have a similar
opportunity to receive additional plates !! Does
ANYONE out there believe there are snowballs in Hell ??

** Belleek Collectors' Fair **
Well, the 3rd annual Belleek Collectors' Fair is
history and those of you who were unable to attend
really missed a wonderful experience !! But, you can
relive some of the moments as I have a video that
should be available in like a week !! It is STRICKLY
amateur video, but I attempted to capture the major
and many of the minor items that were for sale at the
fair !! If you would like a copy they may be obtained
by sending $15 (US$'s) cheque or M.O. to my address
below !! PLEASE don't forget to include your return
or shipping address !!

** THE PRISONER (the continuing saga) **
So, the Prisoner of Love was located ….(end part # 1) !!
And we continue now with our story !!
As Sydney Reynolds wrote in his leaflet "Romance of ...
Irish BELLEEK" (cc 1930) :
"Prisoner of Love"
After Giovanni Fontana
A Figure of great beauty and extremely
skilful modeling by Thomas Campbell,
Belleek Studios.
- (Sydney Reynolds Collection)

Well, I didn't meet either Sydney (Sr. or Jr.) this
trip, but that magnificent statue was burning up my
mind just as
what I felt it was worth would burn up
my pocket. Over
time, I somewhat forget about the
Prisoner but on occasion
I would remember her beauty.
Then a couple of years later, I decided to take a
inventive route and I sent a Christmas card
out to Sydney.
I briefly mentioned my visit to his
shop a couple years
earlier and wished him and family
joyous holidays and also
just happened to mention the
fact that if he ever felt like
parting with the
Prisoner to please keep me in mind. At this point
I virtually went into remission about her with

little or no further thoughts of her.
Then it happened !! Low and behold, about 1979 Sydney
Jr. (I have since learned that his name was actually
GEOFF and will use that from here on out !!) rings me
up and says that his father has passed away and that to
settle the estate the Prisoner of Love will be sold !!
He further explains that he came about my name from an
"old Christmas card" that his father had saved for
these many years !! This may be my opportunity I'm
thinking !! I arrange to meet with him at his shop on
a Saturday morning and off I go to visit with him and
the Prisoner !!

Now the story turns a bit weird, for lack of better
Sydney (GEOFF) begins to relate a story to me
which goes back to around 1938 (yes, several years
before the U.S. entered the Second World War !!) It
seems that the pottery was very concerned regarding
several of their larger more elaborate pieces of art.
They therefore decided that for safekeeping they would
ship these items over to their largest dealer in Canada
for safekeeping until the War ended !! It's at this
point that Geoff relates to me that the International
Centerpiece was one of the items but had been sold
years earlier to a gentleman from the states, yes you
guessed it Mr. Horace Manning Mann !! Then as I am
admiring the statue of the Prisoner, which is still on
the end of the banister, he further tells me that this
is not the one that is for sale !! This has me
dumbfounded but he then elaborates that the Pottery
had shipped his father two of the Prisoners of Love
and his father had kept the second
one over his
fireplace mantle all these years !! I am, too
say the
least, amazed !! No one else has a single Prisoner

and this chap has two of them, yes two of them !!

(to be continued !!)
Love Birds !!

A RARE view of the Love Birds !!
(from the Coloured Statue !!)


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