Sunday, June 28, 1998

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 2.4)
**** ERRATUM !! ****
My sincerest apologies to the Central Valley Chapter
as I inadvertently omitted their names from those
chapters submitting chapter minutes to me !!
**** WELCOME ****
Let's all give a BIG Belleek welcome to Angela's new
BCIS Director Ms. Charlotte Kaufman !! WELCOME to the
world of Belleek !! Charlotte will be the wonderful
lady answering your requests at 1 (800) BELLEEK from
now on !! REMEMBER, she is NEW so be tactful and
DON'T wear her out !! Ms. Lisa O'Neill has taken a
well deserved maternity leave due to pregancy !!
Angela has guarantied me though that Lisa will be
attending the 1999 convention but for now wants to
relax (??) and raise her three children !!

**** NEW BELLEEK NOVEL !! ****
Ms. Cathy Runyan-Svacina has published what I am told
is a marvelous novel titled "What Goes Around ...." !!
It has, as its main charming character, an 88 year old
lady named Delight who collects Belleek and has
traveled to Ireland with other Belleek collectors in
the past. Several of Delight's Belleek pieces are
used in an unusual way in the conflict resolution !!
This work of art may be ordered directly from the
author (request autographed or not !!) at :
Right Brain Publishing
7812 N.W. Hampton Road
Kansas City, MO 64152
The cost is $19.95 plus $3.50 S&H !!
("Lucky" Missouri residents MUST add $1.06 TAX !!)
I will have additional reviews after I peruse my
copy !!

I've had some interest in publishing the different
Chapter's upcoming meeting times on the internet and
thus, I have created a separate page for JUST THAT !!
It is a revolving 16 month calendar with space for
everyones meeting times !! If your chapter is
interested, you may submit a 2 to 3 line description
(maximum PLEASE) to me for each event you have coming
up and I will post them !! Example :
EVERGREEN 19th. TOUR of COLLECTIONS !! Starts at 10am !!
Luncheon midday then continue on FOREVER !!
contact Del @ delyicious@aol.com !!
or call 425-643-3359 !! NEXT
The "NEXT", 'links' the viewer to YOUR next scheduled
event !! I just thought this might be of some benefit
for the chapters ??
I'm enclosing a copy of the information published on
my web site for those of you receiving this via regular
post and will have included a 'link' to my site for
those receiving this via E-Mail !!
And don't forget the 2nd. Annual Belleek Collectors Fair
which is being held again in Portland, OR this fall on
October 17, 1998 !! If you have ANY questions regarding
this spectacular event, contact either :
Lori or Ben Harlan
613 - 10th Avenue
Kirkland, WA
or tele to (425) 828-4247
or E-Mail to harlan@gte.net !!

A NO HOST dinner is scheduled for the participating
dealers and the FIRST
100 people who sign up !! We're
SORRY, but space is VERY
limited and we MUST provide
seating for the dealers so that
only leaves like room
for another 100 !!

Ben asked me to add that a door prize will be presented
during the dinner to one lucky participant !!
** UPDATING this news is that there are LESS THAN 30
seats remaining for dinner !!
** ALSO, the Evergreen Chapter will be selling tickets
for its' Colossal Belleek Raffle to be held at its'
December meeting !! TWO items of Belleek will be
raffled off, one in the $350 range and another, the
consolation prize, in the $125 range !! The winner
NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN !! Out of area winners
will receive their prize via post !! Ticket prices
will be 1 (one) for $4 or 3 (three) for $10 !!
On May 21, 1998 in London, the world renowned Sotheby's
Auctioneers held their Irish Auction !! I would have
included the results here, BUT it takes up like 13
(YES thirteen !!) pages to print out ONLY the
SUMMARY of each lot !! HOPEFULLY, at LEAST one of
your members ordered their catalogue which contains
the whole description of every lot and also includes
the realized price of same ?? ALSO, the summary DOES
NOT include ANY damage to the lot that is sometimes
reflective in the hammer price !!
A couple of items I picked up at Sotheby's Irish
I refer to Lord Butler and his travelling
holder !! Sotheby's advertised it as a
holder although I rather suspect that
this was a pen
holder for all those rather nice quill
pens one would
have on their desk ?? A friend of mine
found some
positively facinating information on the
regarding James, the 5th Earl of Ormonde !!
24 November, 1420, Henry VI made him Earl of
in the Peerage of England on July 8, 1449
for his fidelity to the Lancastrian interest. In 1451,
he was made Lord Deputy of Ireland, and on his father's
death the next year
was appointed Lord Lieutenant for
10 years. In 1454, he
was constituted Lord High
Treasurer of England. In 1459
he was made a Knight of
the Garter. In 1461, he fell
into the hands of the
Yorkists, after the battle of
Towton, and was BEHEADED !!
He had no issue by either
marriage, and the Earldom of
Wiltshire thus expired.
Could this, in fact, be our
beloved Lord James ??

I'm sorry that I didn't produce a better picture of the
'toothbrush' holder, but the decal transfers on it are

wonderfully done and represent Grecian warriors and
maidens or goddesses !! They are very interesting and
intricate in their design !!

Lord James Butler !!


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