Sunday, April 12, 1998

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 2.3)
MEGA KUDOs, sincerest congratulations and a hearty
handclasp are all in order for our lastest in the most
prestigious of Belleeks ranks, the Societies Honouree !!
This years honouree is definitely deserving of this
great accolade !! Of course, we can be speaking of the
one and only Pat Holm, who, over four years ago now,
begin the formulation of what became the Columbia Chapter
which has now grown to over 100 members with membership
from, I believe Pat told me, 6 states and at least one
Canadian Province !! All of us who are privileged enough
to know Pat personally are well aware that she is
deserving of this great honour which has been bestowed
upon her !! Congratulations again Pat !!

I have received from the Degenhardt Chapter a brochure
detailing this new Irish historical site !! To quote
directly from their pamphlet :
"Mission Statement - The Irish Museum and Historical
Foundation of America celebrates the history and
culture of the Irish people. Its goal is to explore
lessons of the past so all might learn to live together
in our search for a better world."
The museum will include historical artifacts and
documents, fine art and literature, a library as
well as special and traveling exhibits !!
The heritage center will contain the history of
the Irish in the United States with a central
exhibit hilighting those of Kansas City !!
The cultural center will include an auditorium,
meeting rooms and reception area !!
Additional information is available thru :
The Irish Museum & Historical Foundation
9233 Ward Parkway, Suite 125
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
1 (913) 385-4744
I'm sorry that I don't have a scanner, as I could have
included the entire brochure !!
**** CHRISTMAS CARD !! ****
So I don't have to edit this text for internet exposure,
I will not include the parties names here !! You know
who you are and congratulations to ALL !!
FIRST Place : A Diana Vase (Pierced) flowered version !!
This was VERY tastefully done with a
dozen red rosed arranged in (and around)
the vase !! EXTREMELY beautiful !!
SECOND Place : A computer generated holiday greeting with
the Belgian Hawkers in full colour !!
MORE Kudos !!
THIRD Place : A splendid photo of a Seahourse and Shell
with gilt trim !!
I've been receiving LOTS of chapter minutes since the
Christmas holidays and would like to thank everyone
involved !! Most all the chapters held festivities in
honour of Saint Patrick !! I've heard from, not
necessarily in order, the Degenhardt, Greater Dallas,
Columbia, Magnolia, San Diego, Gopher State, Trillium,
Dogwood, Phoenix, and the Great Lakes Chapters !!
Thanks to all of you keeping me informed !! I will
try to offer a selection of ideas from other chapters
in a future newslettre as many of the chapters have
arrived at some novel ideas which may be of interest
to others !!


And don't forget the 2nd. Annual Belleek Collectors
Fair which is being held again in Portland, OR this
fall on
October 17, 1998 !! If you have ANY questions
regarding this spectacular event, contact either :

Lori or Ben Harlan
613 - 10th Avenue
Kirkland, WA

or tele to (425) 828-4247
or E-Mail to harlan@gte.net !!

A NO HOST dinner is scheduled for the participating
dealers and the FIRST 100 people who sign up !! We're
SORRY, but space is VERY limited and we MUST provide
seating for the dealers so that
only leaves like room
for another 100 !!

** Ben asked me to add that a door prize will be
presented during the dinner to one lucky participant !!

I was fortunate enough to receive a letter from some
very good Belleeker friends offering me several items
of the
Dragonfly pattern as well as an Allingham
nitestick they
had in their private collection !!
They had discouvered
my WANTED list on the internet
and dropped me a line and
we negotiated an amenable
price for the lot !! Not too
long after my receipt
of the items, I was informed they
were going on holidays
in the Pacific Northwest and we
again made contact and
they dropped by for a brief visit
one afternoon to view
my collection !! It's ALWAYS
wonderful visiting with
fellow Belleekers !! In any
case, I have included a
photo of this, my latest find !!
I feel that this is
extremely 'appropro' as the design
does wonderful
justice to the beautiful lily flower,
representative of
the Easter Season !!

I could use some help though in that I can find nothing
in any of my literature in reference to the creator of
this nitestick ??
Lady Marion, in her Addendum to Belleek, introduces :
"The Allingham Sisters - Louise and Maude Allingham
worked from home, painting on Belleek and other
porcelain, including Aynsley. They were not directly
employed by the Pottery but bought blanks to decorate
and sell. Concentrating mostly on floral designs,
their work is much sought after."
As Belleek had a rather strict labour division, with
the women and girls painting and decorating and the men
and boys crafting, firing, etc. would this nitestick
then be attributed to these girls father Mr. Allingham ??
And would anyone out there have additional information on
himself or any other designs attributed to him ??


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