Sunday, February 08, 1998

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 2.2)
**** WELCOME ****
To our 26th (yes, we're growing) official BCIS Collectors'
Chapter !! Thanks to our friends down Atlanta, Georgia
way, Linda and Larry Beard !! I meet both of them at
the international convention and Linda was more than
ready upon their return to get a chapter rolling !!
and a couple fellow collectors spent the many
dedicated hours necessary to plan for a chapter. I
have been told
that they had 28 in attendance at their
formative meeting !!
Ms. Angela Moore has promised to
be in attendance for their first actual formal meeting !!

Just heard from Linda and they had 29 members at their
formative meeting !! The Chapter will be the Magnolia
Chapter and they currently have members from both
and Alabama !! Their upcomming meeting will
be March 7 !!


I had a REAL nice letter from Ms. Lisa O'Neill,
assistant to Angela a couple of weeks ago.
In a subsequent
conversation with her we discussed the
numerous calls she
receives from (mostly) non-members
who have several or
more pieces of Belleek they have
acquired in one of several
manners including
inheritance. In many cases, these folks
have NO
interest in Belleek (can ANY of us understand that)

and are trying to locate an individual or (s) to market
their items to. Unfortunately, Lisa, in many cases,
no one to refer them to. SOoooo .... what we would
to do is provide a 'Regional' Directory of
interested in providing either value
estimates or actually
purchasing items themselves or
passing the information on
to other members of their
chapter who may be interested !!
What we need from
EACH chapter IS .... An individual from
your chapter,
this may be one of your chapter officers,
who would be
willing to either correspond or have telephone

conversations with these folks !! I refer to this as
regional since, for example, if a call came in from
Leavenworth, WA (NOT Kansas) it would be referred to
the Evergreen Chapter. Now, the individual from the
'referred to' chapter, if they were modivated, may in
turn contact other chapters OR if NO interest is shown
may simply have the person list their items on the
Web Site at Oceanside with Bob Douglas !! If
you have
someone so oriented, PLEASE have them contact
either myself
or Lisa, at the BCIS headquarters, and
let us know how you
would prefer to be contacted, i.e.,
either by letter, phone, through Lisa or myself !!

And don't forget the 2nd. Annual Belleek Collectors
Fair which is being held again in Portland, OR this
fall on
October 17, 1998 !! If you have ANY questions
this spectacular event, contact either :

Lori or Ben Harlan
613 - 10th Avenue
Kirkland, WA

tele to (425) 828-4247
or E-Mail to harlan@gte.net !!

A NO HOST dinner is scheduled for the participating
dealers and the FIRST
100 people who sign up !! We're
SORRY, but space is VERY
limited and we MUST provide
seating for the dealers so that
only leaves like room
for another 100 !!


Lady Marion Langham is currently planning on attending the
Belleek COllectors' Fair !!
Well, I guess it just had to happen ?? Yes, I now have
a web site ?? I can be found @ :

The Beauty and Romance of Irish Belleek

If the above 'HyperLink' DOES NOT work, try doing a
simple SELECT/COPY/PASTE of the following directly into
your browser (NOT bowser) :


I just couldn't think of anything to photo here so
many minutes of thought, it came to me !! It's
spring (excluding El Nino affected areas !!)
and time to
get out the barbecue and have some good
old fashioned
picnics !! And what better to impress
your guests with
other than Belleek Name or Menu
holders ?? Here are three
of mine which are all
second period and appear (from left
to right) to be a
rose, carnation and daisy !! Belleek
made these in
MANY flavours and I would like to know of
other flowers
out there !! The center example is of special interest
to me as it seems to have been designed
'upright' ??
Maybe it's design came after a craftsman's
noon nap
while he was in a prone position ??

Menu Holders !!


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