Monday, January 05, 1998  

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 2.1)


I'm going to try to put this together tonite as I would
to get it distributed on the morrow !! First off,
I would REALLY like to thank all those who forwarded
pictures (of me) from the convention !! Sorry I broke
your cameras !!
I purchased a scrapbook for the
convention capable of storing 300 photos and I still
have room for like 40 more ??


The Degenhardt Chapter asked me to correct their next
meeting time to :

Date : Saturday, January 24, 1998
Time : 12 Noon (They say that's P.M.)
Place : Hillcrest Country Club
For info : (Call) Ruth Shechter @ (913) 362-5626
(Mad) Max Norman @ (913) 642-2794
or Phil Wade @ (816) 942-3671

EVERYONE is invited to attend, so if you will be visiting
the Kansas City area this month, GIVE THEM A CALL !!

And don't forget the 2nd. Annual Belleek Collectors Fair
which is being held again in Portland, OR this fall on
October 17, 1998 !! If you have ANY questions regarding
this spectacular event, contact either :

Lori or Ben Harlan

613 - 10th Avenue
Kirkland, WA

or tele to (425) 828-4247

or E-Mail to harlan@gte.net !!

The Harlans had us all
over for a bit of Christmas
cheer and Ben showed us all the tablets and memo pads
he is making up with Belleek
pictures on them !! He's
run off like 10,000 pages and
so far, we've ONLY
discouvered ONE spelling error !!

** Cleanliness (is next to Godliness) !! **

I hadn't cleansed my Prisoner of Love in MANY years and
as I was preparing to vacuum up the living room (a yearly
task at least !!), I decided to bath her !! I placed
her in the
kitchen sink and looked around for some
'nice' cleanser !!
Well, I had just purchased some :

Incredible 2001, from :

The United Workshops
P.O. Box 5124
Topeka, Kansas 66611

tele to (800) 443-5791
(a wonderful non-profit organization)

and decided to see if this would do the trick ?? I
the 2001 solution 50:50 with cold water in a
spray bottle
and proceeded to shower the Prisoner !!
of RESIDUE and AGING actually flowed
off her and down the drain !! To say the least, I was
amazed AND she was the cleanest she has ever been !!
Gave her that natural marble look again !!

** DEALERS (of Belleek) **

Due to popular demand, I am including a list of dealers
that over the years I have either purchased Belleek
from, meet at a show or just plain know of !! Please
NOTE, this list WILL NOT appear on the Internet as it's
my belief that any
of the dealers who desire their names
broadcast to the
entire civilized (and un-ed) world can
do so themselves,
thus protecting any persons hesitant
to have their name, etc. broadcast out over the airwaves !!


Lady Marion Langham
Claranagh, Tempo
Co. Fermanagh BT94 3FJ
N. Ireland
011 44 288 954 1247
FAX : 011 44 171 259 9266
E-mail : marion@ladymarion.co.uk

Ms. Olga Clarke
Glenross Lodge
Lisnarick, Irvinestown
Co. Fermanagh
North Ireland BT 941 ND
Tele/FAX 011 44 1365-628377

Norman L. Huntley
2 Milton Road
Amesbury, Salisbury
Wilts SP4 7LB
011 44 1980-623603

Forge Antiques
Brooke Street, Lisbellaw,
Near Enniskillen,
Co. Fermanagh
N. Ireland
Tel/FAX : 011 44 1365-387777

Tom Dooley
MillCourt Antiques and Coffee Shop
Mill Court
The Diamond
Donegal Town

Liz Stillwell
P.O. Box 1074
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
1 (213) 257-3879

Lauresa A. Stillwell
6745 Cord Avenue
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
1 (562) 949-0592 (Home)
1 (310) 336-5439 (Work)

Emilie Boyd
25629 Barganga Ct.
Valencia, CA 91355
1 (805) 259-7377

Eva Flynn
P.O. Box 1011
Carlaburg, WA 98324
1 (360) 683-7725

Old Pump Antiques
William & Kathleen Mitchell
P.O. Box 774
San Bruno, CA 94066
1 (415) 588-4894

Gerry & Diane Hernley
P.O. Box 98
Depot Bay, OR 97341
1 (541) 765-2221

Nostalgia Antiques & Collectables
Betty Lyford & Tracy Turk
P.O. Box 727
1665 Spruce Street
Conway, WA 98238
1 (360) 445-5047

Bill & Marlyne Lacy
6874 Capricorn Ln N. E.
Bremerton, WA 98311
1 (360) 692-8869

Mariam & Aaron Levine's
The Antiques Market
881 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515-1728
1 (203) 389-5440
FAX : 1 (203) 387-3939

Richard Newman
2508 Middle River Drive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305
1 (305) 564-8093
1 (516) 597-6381

Roslyn & Larry Rose
P.O. Box 9215
Bardonia, NY 10954
1 (845) 634-7801

E & J Antiques
Ms. Susan Pena

P.O. Box 7417
Freeport, NY 11520
1 (516) 378-2931
1 (516) 546-3150
1 (516) 825-3454

Mimi & Steve Levine, Inc.
6205 Marilyn Drive
Alexandria, VA 22310
1 (703) 971-3941
1 (800) 203-9546

Crowne Royale Antiques
P.O. Box 294
Somerville, MA 02143
1 (617) 862-1564

Antiques by Doris
Ms. Doris Johnson
322 May Street
Rockford, IL 61108

Min's Antiques International
1 (800) 246-3388
FAX : 1 (604) 532-9596

Elaine's Glassics
Elaine & Geroge Corning, Owners
P.O. Box 259264
Madison, WI 53725-9264
1 (608) 271-0624
FAX : 1 (608) 277-8531

Dorothy Olsen Antiques
Tacoma, WA
Harold & Dorothy Olsen
Please E-mail : wasp@olsenantiques.com

Antiques & Estates
Kathy M. Bailey
160 N.W. Gilman Blvd. # 1
Issaquah, WA 98027
1 (206) 746-2777

Jewell's Antiques
118 - 2nd Street
Lewes, DE 19958
1 (302) 645-1828
E-mail jsantq@erols.com

Whim Antiques
Antiques Curios Collectables
Mary & Maura McQueen
561 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, Ontario
1 (416) 481-4474
FAX : 1 (416) 481-1168
E-Mail whim@antiquemarket.com
Hours : Tues - Sat 10 - 6, Thurs - Fri till 9

Cynthia Findlay Antiques
Fine Quality Antiques
Cynthia Findlay, Proprietor
Harbourfront Antique Market
390 Queen's Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
1 (416) 260-9057
E-Mail cynfindlay@antiquemarket.com
Hours : Tues - Sat 10 - 6


NOTE : If ANY of you out there have your FAVOURITE
dealer and they don't appear on this list, PLEASE let
me know and I'll add them to our list !! Remember,
that sharing your
knowledge with fellow enthusiasts is
just another wonderful
aspect of collecting Belleek !!

For any of you that (don't) see this list on the
please E-Mail me at my address below, INCLUDE
your B.C.I.S. Membership Number for verification and I
will E-Mail the
list directly out to you !!


I was thinking (and thinking) of what to include with
this newslettre and it FINALLY came to me !! What's
more season like than - YES - you guessed it !!

** CHERUBS !! **

I researched this one out for weeks and the BEST
definition I could arrive at was the following :

CHERUBIM (From the Encyclopedia Mythica)

Winged creatures of who support the throne of God, or
act as guardian spirits. They appear in the Old
Testament (the
book of Ezekiel) as bearing the throne
and chariot of the Deity, and hence later conceived as
a type of angels. They are also mentioned as guardians
(or protectors) of the Garden of Eden. They were placed
at the east side of Eden to prevent humans from re-
entering and thus gaining access
to the Tree of Life.

In Jewish and Christian religion they are second in the
order of angels, directly after the seraphim. They were
usually depicted as angels with four wings and four
(human, lion, bull and eagle). Artists in later
times made
them appear as the chubby, rosy-faced, winged
infants of
which they are known today. They are usually
clothed in
blue, while the seraphim are clothed in red.
They originated
from the winged and human-headed bulls
of Babylon (also
named cherubim), a lesser order of
deities, which guarded
the gates of the royal palace.


I was REALLY hoping for a cute Irish limerick regarding
Cherubs but the closest I came was one of Aesop's fables
regarding Angles that was unfortunately a bit to
for this space !! And, I was doing serious
research as to
whether or not there exists Male AND
Female Cherubs ??
My conclusion at this point is YES !!
Belleek made them
in both genders, referring to the
Minstrel Comport, and who are we to question the
Pottery ??

In any case, I have included a picture of a cute couple
of Cherubs (ie Minstrels), the lad playing a pair of
pipes and
the lass playing what I would refer to as a
recorder !!

Minstrels !!


Del E. Domke, Belleek Consultant
16142 N.E. 15th. Street
Bellevue, WA 98008-2711

Telephone : 1 (425) 746-6363
Message : 1 (425) 746-6363
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