Friday, August 15, 1997

Fellow Belleekers !! (lettre # 1.5)
Here is an update from Lady Marion. PLEASE pass it on
ANY and
ALL that plan to be with us at the U.K.
Convention !!

******************** (from Marion)
I am sorry about the problem with Julian Kempson -
having set everything up
with us he has disappeared
off the face of Stoke-on-Trent - Very

I have found three more hire car people - guaranteed
reliable! If you know
of anyone else looking for this
information I would appreciate if you would pass it on.

A1 INTERCITY Tel: 44 1782 833822
Heathrow Car 100
Minibus 120
Manchester Car 25
Minibus 40
CITY CABS 2000 Tel: 44 1782 749054
Heathrow Car 120
Minibus 140
Manchester Car 25
Minibus 40
ABC Tel: 44 1782 816690 or 44 1782 812397
Heathrow Car 130
Minibus 150
Manchester Car 25
Minibus 40
All prices quoted are for one way only. All minibus
are 8 seaters.

I asked about tips. They don't expect a tip on top
of these prices quoted -
said an 'ice cream' on the
way would be appreciated!

Sorry about this, if I can be of any further help,
please don't hesitate to contact me.

Did we ever have FUN in Portland !! This was the
second trip down to PDX in a month but it was MORE
that worth the
trip !! It was the 4th anniversary of
the Columbia Chapter
of the B.C.I.S. and did they ever
celebrate it !! They had
a dinner specially catered
for the group along with a no-host bar that was just
totally fabulous !! Additionally,
Bill Holm handed
over the Presidency of the chapter to Gary Sawyer.
Congratulations Gary !! And our thanks to
Bill who
served the chapter magnificently !! (Although I

suspect that he had a LOT of help from Pat, his wife !!)
Along with the dinner and drinks, there were numerous
other activities not to mention the comradery and
fellowship with
the other Belleekers !! There was also
several sales tables with wonderful selections of
Belleek for sale !! The
chapter itself, sponsored
not only numerous raffle items
but also an auction that
was presided over by the employees of O'Gallerie Auction
Houses of Portland. The question
remains : "Who is
# 2" (The answer is NOT 'the Prisoner' !!)

The REAL treat though was the fact that there were in
excess of 90 in attendance including 3(YES, THREE)
honorees, Jean Weleck, Sharon Pickerill and of course
myself !! Pictures were taken of the Columbia members
for presentation to the
pottery and entertainment was
provided by Brian Graham in
demonstrating the proper
Irish dance !! All in all, everyone enjoyed the
evening !!

The following day we were all invited over to the Holms
home (I just love that) and were pleasantly surprised
by not only a wonderful brunch but a tour of their
MAGNIFICENT collection of Belleek !! Thank you BOTH
Pat and Bill !!

Well, enough of me !! We've picked up 2 additional
E-Secretaries since I last took to the keyboard !!
Thanks to ALL and to your comments to me !! I PROMISE
NOT to put out another news lettre until my return from
the convention ?? At least that is my promise NOW ??

Find attached (to E-Mail) or inserted in this lettre, a
picture of a 5 1/2" Rose and Morning Glory plate !! I
REALLY think this is probably the BEST of ALL Belleek's
decoration !! As far as I know, all items in this
pattern were hand painted ?? Let me know !!

Limoge Convulvulus !!


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