Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Dear Chapters, (Volume 1, Issue # 3)
This is a rather special and VERY important newsletter as
there is important information regarding the upcoming
International Convention hosted by the U.K. Chapter !!
First of all, Lady Marion has requested that I pass on
some information regarding the individual chapter's
rolls in this convention !! PLEASE contact her at :
Lady Marion Langham
41A Lower Belgrave Street
London SW1W OLS
or :
Lady Marion Langham
Claranagh, Tempo
Co. Fermanagh

or telephone (from the U.S.)
U.K. : 011 44 207 730 1002
N. Ire. : 011 44 288 954 1247
MOST IMPORTANT : Several chapters have STILL not provided
a history of their chapter !! You know who you are !!
Marion has informed me that 'maybe' a few of your replies
'slipped' through the cracks so she is waiting to hear
and NEW ZEALAND !! She says she only has 'scanty'
information from DOGWOOD, EVERGREEN and PHOENIX !!
Hopefully mine, the EVERGREEN, was one of those cracks
slippers and I forwarded another copy yesterday !!
If she DOESN'T receive a history of your chapter, you
will be listed under 'NO INFORMATION SUPPLIED' !!
She is ready to go to press NOW !! This can't wait !!
ALSO, for any of the chapters honoured with an
HONOUREE please let them know, if they haven't
already, to provide Marion with a history of their
collecting !!
ALSO, for those of you attending the U.K convention,
your 'PASSPORTS', a wonderful description of just
how to get there and back and EVERYTHING in-between
including facts like you can purchase phone-cards
from newsstands, etc. SHOULD be in your hands by
now !! If NOT, PLEASE contact Lady Marion above
A.S.A.P. !!
Also, there 'just may' still be a few seats left
on the post convention tour of Ireland !! Again
contact Marion for details !!
** OTHER NEWS : **
Don't forget that July 12th is JUST ABOUT UPON US !!
That means the First Annual Belleek Collector's FAIR !!
It's being held in Portland Oregon U.S.A. and for
those of you desiring additional information please
contact either :
Ben or Lori Harlan
@ (425) 828-4247
or E-mail them @ harlan@gte.net
Liz Stillwell is the new president of the L.A. Chapter
and our thanks to Mrs. Maxine Steinberg as outgoing
president !!
Congratulations to our FIRST mother/daughter combination
as Liz's daughter Lauresa is the new president of the
Orange County chapter !! Again, our thanks to Ms. Janis
M. Weaver as the outgoing president !!
Lauresa asked me to remind everyone that the Orange
County Chapter will be hosting a luncheon on August
9th between 11:00 and 3:00 at the Continental
Restaurant in Tustin !! Cost is $19.00 and
reservations ARE REQUIRED !! Contact : Lauresa
@ 1.562.949.0592
or E-mail to lauresa.a.stillwell@aero.org !!
Members of the LA, Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix and
Central Valley will be in attendance but ANY COLLECTORS
visiting the area during that time are MORE THAN WELCOME !!
Also on tap, is the Columbia Chapters FOURTH ANNUAL
MEETING which will be held on August 2nd. A LARGE
contingent of members representing the Columbia,
Evergreen, Dogwood and San Diego are expected to
attend !! Contact : Pat or Bill Holm
@ either 1.360.892.2917
or 1.503.254.2458 !!
I've been at this one (lettre) since 3 this morning
and EVERYTIME I refer to the Orange County Chapter
I feel an urge to eat something ??
I am EXTREMELY pleased to see new faces elected to
chapter office !! It is through these transitions
of new and different personalities that we find
original and wonderful ideas that provide for a
vibrant growth of each of the individual chapters !!
Take it from a person who presided as President for
13 years, VOLUNTEER your services as a candidate !!
These are fun positions and REALLY don't require a
Kennedy background to make it work ?? You will have
plenty of support from your local members !! DON'T
be afraid - TAKE THE PLUNGE !!
Since I last took computer in hand, we now have 13
E-Sec's (short for E-mail secretaries) !! AND a 14th
on the way !! Are any more of you out there ??
I will also, from time to time, be including photos
in this letter as I now have photo capability on
my computer !! These are NOT glossy's but suffice
to see an item and 'are better than the old pottery
photograph album' !!

Round Handled Flat Rod Basket !!

The above basket is a picture of one of mine that was
henceforth UNRECORDED !! lady Marion, in her infinite
wisdom, FOUND ANOTHER and currently has it on sale !!
WELL, NOT 'ON' sale, but better put, 'FOR' sale ??

Well, that's it for now (5:32 AM) and PLEASE distribute
this IMMEDIATELY to your member's that would be the
responsible person to complete any requested tasks !!


Del E. Domke, Belleek Consultant
16142 N.E. 15th. Street
Bellevue, WA 98008-2711

Telephone : 1 (425) 746-6363
Message : 1 (425) 746-6363
FAX : 1 (425) 746-6363
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