Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Dear Chapters, (Volume 1, Issue # 2)
First off, my sincere apologies to Mrs. Jean Weleck as I
inadvertently placed her with the Los Angeles BCIS Chapter
when in actuality she, with her husband and splendid
collection, resides in Phoenix !! MY mistake, although I
do know that she attends many of the chapter meetings in
the Southwest U.S. area and has hosts of friends there !!
In any case, if you haven't purchased her latest book, it
is a two thumbs up and five stars in my view !!
As to the new position I advocated, there has been a
wonderful response !! A FULL one thirds of the BCIS
chapters now have an E-Secretary !! Again, this position
requires ONLY that any chapter member having some internet
access E-Mail me with their address and I can then forward
any and all information directly to them for distribution
at their future local chapter meetings. You need do
nothing more that receive the mail electronically and make
at least one copy of it for perusal with your Belleeker
friends !!
ONTO the U.K. convention !! Information has not been
pouring in, but in my discussions with some of the
convention planners, it's ALL coming together !! Detailed
information will be distributed AS SOON AS the plans are
finalized !! I don't want to pass any information along
here that may be modified or misinterpreted so PLEASE be
patient as their committees are working extremely hard to
make this a splendid occasion !! I'll see you all there !!
Lady Marion did ask me to let everyone know that at the
Gala Dinner (I believe it to be the last nite of the
convention), everyone will be asked to attend in what she
described as 'in costume' !! More on this as it develops,
but put your thinking caps on and gentlemen, begin growing
your whiskers if you plan on arriving as Mr. Armstrong !!
And for the ladies, unless you have size 13 feet, the
Crouching Venus is out !! Better suggestions might be
the Grape Gatherer or the Girl Basket Bearer ?? And if
we have 200 Leprechauns' well I guess we just change it
into a Leprechauns nite out !!
Also, PLEASE try to get your chapters' slide presentation
together and off to Lady Marion so's their committees may
have sufficient time to schedule each and every one of
them !! The U.K. Group is requesting that each chapter
put together a short presentation of approximately a dozen
slides, of various Belleek items from their members
collections. These short presentations will be given
in between the major presentations planned !! I'm not sure
whether or not one of your chapter members will be asked
to provide the dialogue, but someone will need be familiar
with the presentation.
The Belleek fair planned for the weekend of July 12th
in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. HAS come together and Lady
HAS made reservations to attend !! More information
can be had from :
Ben or Lori Harlan,
613 - 10th. Avenue,
Kirkland, WA 98033

telephone : 1 (206) 828-4247

or E-Mail to : harlan@gte.net

I was very happy to receive several replies to my first
editorial !! Lady Marion in particular suggested that
I should include a 'riveted' item. For those of you not

familiar with this term, it was an 'early' method of china
repair that utilized metal rivets, YES, just like the ones
that they make airplanes from, to literally join broken
pieces of pottery back together !! If you haven't ever
seen a piece like this, ask your fellow members if anyone
has an example !! This was not strictly limited to the
repair of Belleek, but was widely used in the 1800's and
I believe earlier ??
I myself added one additional item, that of a Lithophane !!
They're just so beautiful, and they make such a wonderful
conversation piece it's probably a shame that everyone can't
acquire one !! Jean Weleck does raise a VERY good point, in
her book, that many of Belleeks (collectors') plates take on
the illusion of a lithophane due to their fine casting !!


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