Friday, March 07, 1997 

Dear Chapters,

As the newly appointed B.C.I.S. Chapter Coordinator, I
feel it only proper to send my thanks and the societies
appreciation for the first holder of this position
Mr. Eugene Krach !! THANK YOU GENE from all of us !!

If you see in the text (sp) following a word, it stands
for 'spelling', ie I'm not sure if I have spelled a word

properly !!

Firstly, I would like to propose a 'new' chapter position :
that of E-Mail Secretary. This position can be held by
ANYONE who has at least a PC with internet access, ie an
E-Mail address. This helps me out postage wise and
guarantees you the FASTEST delivery of the newsletter !!
This is ONLY my newsletter, NOT the B.C.I.S. Collector's
Newsletter !! This would also guarantee that each chapter
would receive their newsletter AT THE SAME TIME !! If
your chapter has a person willing to perform this duty,
PLEASE have them E-Mail me at 'delyicious@comcast.net' !!
OF COURSE, if you haven't any one in this position, you
WILL STILL RECEIVE each and every one of my letters by
'snail mail' !! P.S. I currently have 3 (three) chapters
on my E-Mail list, you will know who you are because you
will receive my initial letter via E-Mail !! Thanks on
this one !!


Of course, the MAJOR MAJOR event this year will be the
International Convention hosted by the U.K. Chapter !!
Hope to see many of you there !! All chapters should
have recent updates on the particulars of this GREAT
event !!

A Belleek fair is planned for the weekend of July 12th
in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. If you are out and about
at that time plan on attending !! More information can
be had from Ben or Lori Harlan, 613 - 10th. Avenue,
Kirkland, WA 98033, telephone : 1 (206) 828-4247 or
E-Mail to harlan@gte.net


Mrs Jean Weleck has completed YEARS of painstaking research
and has now publisked a wonderfully refreshing book
detailing her (and husband's) marvelous (sp) collection !!
Complete with Belleeking tales and photo's this is a MUST
HAVE !! If you haven't purchased a copy yet, IT IS WELL
WORTH IT !! Information should be in the Belleek Collector
or contact the Los Angeles Chapter thru the Collector's
Society or myself.


ANOTHER crazy idea ?? I thought it might be nice to include
a section for those of us NOT in local chapters !! If you
have ANY Belleeker friends or relatives without support,
have them drop me a line and HOPEFULLY there's someone out
there in another chapter with a similar contact who'd just
like to meet and talk with them ?? If enough interest
develops in third world areas, new chapters may be formed !!

Ms. Gayle Ferrari, 244 Hazel Lane, Nipomo, CA 93444, U.S.A.
Telephone : 1 (805) 929-4406 would LOVE to meet some
Belleek neighbors !!

P.S. Entries in this section REQUIRE that I receive a SIGNED
request with E-Mail address and or Name/telephone and or
complete address, etc. WHATEVER the person desires to have
printed !! Thanks !!


For the younger set (or at heart) Ms. Katie Harlan, 12 years
would like to correspond with you !! She can be contacted
thru harlan@gte.net !! Don't ALL kids have computers now ??


I was visited by one of my Belleeker friends the other day
as she was delivering my yearly stash of Girl Scout cookies
from her daughter !! She asked me (something like), "What
should you have in your collection ??" After some thought,
I came up with this list :

Earthenware Piece
Tea Set
Flowered Item
Crested Piece
Miniature Piece
A mark OTHER than black (orange, blue, green, brown, etc.)
Impressed Harp Mark (with or w/o Crown)
Scenic (ie painted) Piece
Transfer Piece
Item from 'previous Belleek employee' ie Melvin Craft
or Donegal, etc.
American Belleek ie Lenox, C.A.C., Ott & Brewer, etc.
Japanese (Nippon) make believe !!
Impressed "Belleek Co. Fermanaugh" on base

That means, with 16 pieces, you would have a VERY
representative sample of Belleek wares, BOTH REAL Belleek
and phony Belleek !! But wait a minute !! You can combine
MANY of these !! For example, I possess an Earthenware
plate, with a black falcon crest on the rim, a Belleek
Pottery transfer (in green) on the plate's center and
believe it or not, an impressed harp AND CROWN !! Now,
that brings my collection down to just 12 pieces !!

As to a fine tea set, Belleek has made SO many, this
becomes a very personal decision !! I've had 13 distinct
sets in my time and FINALLY settled on the Grasses. As
a complement to this set I selected a triple fish vase as
it's reeds and grasses 'match' the tea set. If one counts
fish, salamanders and butterflys as figurals, this then
satisfies both the centerpiece AND figural needs !! WOW,
down to ONLY 11 items !! Another example might include
A Cherub Candlelabra (sp) would be splendid with the
Neptune set. What do your members use as centerpieces ??

They need NOT be expensive as one could begin with the
lovely new Serenity Tea Set !! I somewhat favour either
D56, Table Center or D92/93, Tulip Vases with this set ??
Help me on this one, what would you suggest as a table
center for this new set ??

The flowered piece might be a Brooch, a Vase or a Basket !!
Some of the possibilities are mind staggering ??

OF COURSE, ALL this is NOT necessary !! I was ONLY trying
to explain why I would have these representative items to
display the broad range of Belleek's artistry !! Then, I
would begin to specialize in the items that interest you
(and your mate) !! You might like examples of just cups
and saucers or creamers and sugars. You may find the
diverse range of teasets fascinating. Or like me, you may
find the figurals of interest !!

All opinions expressed in this editorial are of my own
making and hopefully didn't offend anyone. Remember, I
am YOUR Chapter Coordinator and would like to publish
items of interest to ALL the chapters !! Drop me a line
with ANY suggestions !! PLEASE !!


Del E. Domke, Belleek Consultant
16142 N.E. 15th. Street
Bellevue, WA 98008-2711

Telephone : 1 (425) 746-6363
Message : 1 (425) 746-6363
FAX : 1 (425) 746-6363
E-mail : delyicious@comcast.net
Web-site : The Beauty and Romance of Irish Belleek
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