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Belleek Newslettre (# 19.1)


I would like to begin with wishing ALL you Belleekers
a SPLENDID Fall Season, especially with ALL the
Holidays we'll each be celebrating with our loved ones !!


Edgar George Zomboss
achieved his Doctorate in
Thanatology in only
two years. 
Dr Edgar George Zomboss
is the main antagonist
and the leader of the
zombies in the
Plants vs Zombies series.
Irish Dr Zomboss !!
Here we capture a rare glimpse of him as he has invaded Ireland !!  This is REALLY way more than I
desire to know of his exploits and terrorizing !!

Thanatology is the scientific study of death. It investigates the mechanisms and forensic aspects of death, such as bodily changes that accompany death and the post-mortem period, as well as wider psychological and social aspects related to death.

Lincoln as Dr Zomboss !!

        Lincoln cautiously scrutinizes his NEW Dr Zomboss Brain
                as he models his Halloween costume !!
              Enlarged Brains command responsibility !!

Lincoln is VERY 'into' Dr. Zomboss and playing
(winning) his On-Line
compilation of games Plants
vs Zombies !!  As my limited understanding has it,
the Doctor is the chief antagonist Zombie !!  There
is a series of increasingly challenging competitions
that one can complete, in attempts to defeat the
Doctor and his army of Zombies, by utilizing such
weapons as an Ice-Schroom, Jalape˝o and
Melon and Cabbage Pults !!  WAY OVER MY HEAD !!

UNFORTUNATELY, this years Halloween celabration
was hampered by massive floods, as Portland received
just under 4" of rain for the ENTIRE Month of
October and virtually HALF of that fell on Saturday !!


If ANY of you Belleekers out there can identify the
successful bidder of Lot # 1282093, as shown below,
from Susanin’s Auctions, Chicago, Illinois, USA, held
7-Dec-13 I would be MORE than interested in
communicating with you !!  As you are aware, you now
possess Lady Marion Langham’s Honouree Medallion !!
If you’ve not already considered returning it to the
Belleek Pottery for proper display in our Honouree’s
Gallery, I would be interested in negotiating with you
for said purpose !!  THANKS !!

Susanin's Auctions Lot # 1282093 !!
Catalogue Description :
Together with a Belleek porcelain oval shaped medal which reads
'Hall of Fame Honoree 1993 Lady Langham',
bears Belleek red mark on back as well.
Ornaments include a shamrock form
with applied colored porcelain flowers,
a cherub, and a stocking with painted shamrocks
Largest ornament length: 5"


A lawyer opened the door of his BMW, when suddenly
a car came along and hit the door, ripping it off
completely. When the police arrived at the scene,
the lawyer was complaining bitterly about the damage 
to his precious BMW.

"Officer, look what they've done to my Beemer!"
he whined. "You lawyers are so materialistic, you
make me sick!" retorted the officer, "You're so
worried about your stupid BMW, that you didn't
even notice that your left arm was ripped off!"

"Oh my god", replied the lawyer, finally noticing
the bloody left shoulder where his arm once was,
"Where's my Rolex!"


Throughout this brief discussion, the following
abbreviations and place names are defined as follows :

BPM : Buckauer Porzellan Manufaktur, Magdeburg,
K÷nigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, Berlin,

Blair (Lithophane) Museum Collection : Toledo,
        Ohio, USA
Glen Iris Inn :
Castile, New York (State),  USA

Every lithophane has a story, though the origins or
inspirations of some lithophanes have yet to be
 discouvered !!

A beautiful lithophane depicting The Priest and the
Acolyte was created in Berlin at KPM and also later
copied at the Belleek Pottery in Ireland. It was
attributed to engravings that were based on a
painting by Eduard Daege, a painter living in Berlin. 
As you should notice, the reflection in the water of
the legs of the two figures is transferred somehow
miraculously from paper to porcelain.
Eduard Wilhelm Daege
(10 April 1805 in Berlin –
6 June 1883 in Berlin)
was a German painter
who served as
Director for both the
Prussian Academy of Art
and the National Gallery.

View Right :
Self-portrait (date unknown)

Eduard Daege !!

An interesting comparison can be made between
Daege's original colored engraving
, the BPM 540
version of The Priest and the Acolyte in the
entranceway at the Glen Iris Inn,
and the KPM 263 G
example in the Blair Museum Collection.

Priest and Acolyte Crossing Stream !!

                  A beautiful display of Daege's original
               colored engraving, The Priest and the Acolyte.
             Courtesy of Archives Blair Museum of Lithophanes.

It should be noted here, that although the German
Lithophane Production was identified as The Priest
and the Acolyte, if we examine Daege's history on
the Internet, we discouver that he had originally
entitled his work :
An Old Capuchin Led By A Boy
Through The Water

Our Internet Wikipedia defines The Order of
Capuchin Friars Minor (in Latin: Ordo Fratrum
Minorum Capuccinorum - abbreviated: O.F.M.Cap.)
as an Order of friars in the Catholic Church, among
the chief offshoots of the Franciscans.

The Order arose in 1520 when Matteo da Bascio,
Observant Franciscan friar native to the Italian
region of the Marches, said he had been inspired by
God with the idea that the manner of life led by the
friars of his day was not the one which their founder,
St. Francis of Assisi, had envisaged. He sought to
return to the primitive way of life of solitude and
penance as practiced by the founder of their Order.

Priest and Acolyte Crossing Stream !!

            Lithophane, The Priest and the Acolyte, German,
          19th century, BPM 540, with stained glass framing,
                Glen Iris Inn entranceway, 5.75" x 3.75".
                     Courtesy of Letchworth State Park.

The above Lithophane is one of eight displayed around
the entranceway to the Glen Iris Inn !!  It is, in fact,
as you peer out their doorway, mounted in the upper
right hand side of the door frame !!  Note from the
dimensions referenced above, this is quite a small
Lithophane !!  Although, as we will see later, it is
just a bit larger than the example I'll be working
with, as I reconstruct a display frame for mine !!

Below, we envision the beautiful, massive example
of this Lithophane Produced by the KPM Pottery,
as displayed in the Blair Museum !!  Two interesting
items of interest to note are, first its dimensions
are approximately 1" LARGER than Belleek's
counterpart !!  (Seen later in this article) !!
Secondly, its original German Title !!

Priest and Acolyte Crossing Stream !!

Der Me▀sner und der Chorknabe, nach Daege,

        German, KPM 263 G, design first introduced 1842-46,
  Blair Museum acc. no. 483, 13" x 10" stained glass 16" x 13.25".
            Courtesy of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes.

Actual Text from Book 'Lithophanes' !!

Although, many of you believe me somewhat crazy,
I've reproduced, immediately above, a Picture of a
partial portion from the previous pictures
caption !! 
So, what exactly IS that 'funny' letter "
▀" ??  In
the German alphabet, the letter ▀, called "Eszett" or
"scharfes S", in English "sharp S", is a consonant
that evolved as a ligature of "long s and z" (ſz) and
"long s over round s" (ſs).  Since the German
orthography reform of 1996, it is used only after
long vowels and diphthongs while ss is written after
short vowels. The name eszett comes from the two
letters S and Z as they are pronounced in German.
It should be noted here, that prior to my PROPER
identification of this character, ALL translation
attempts of this phrase from German into English
were fruitless !!

Accessing my (now) proper identification of this
character, our German title now translates properly
The Messner and the chorister, after Daege !! 
And if one researches the term Messner, they
discouver a Messner is
the Sacristan or Sexton
of a Parish Church.  NOW, (both) our picture and
Lithophane are finally achieving proper identification
and recognition !!

It's extremely exciting to envision the evolution of
this Lithophanes varied identities :
Daege entitled his painting

    An Old Capuchin Led By A Boy Through The Water,

while, KPM named their Lithophane
Der Me▀sner und der Chorknabe
BPM referenced theirs as
    The Priest and the Acolyte
and finally, Belleek's Production is
    Priest and Alterboy Crossing Stream !!

Although this is fascinating to me, my personal
opinion is that Daege's identification of his (painted)
characters is probably closer to reality ??  The
young boy appears as either an Acolyte, Alter Boy
or even a Choir Boy with little dispute !!  My concern
is with the identification of the old man as a Priest !! 
Although, he holds something in his left hand that 
resembles what may be an incense burner, or the like,
his dress is just not that of a clergyman ??  He
appears to be wearing more of a 'habit', the clothing
of a Friar or Monk, as opposed to a 'cassock', the
proper garment of a Priest, etc. !!  Also, note that
his cape is simply hooded, as opposed to wearing a
Biretta, the normal cap of a Priest !!

Regardless of your preference of title, we've
established that our Belleek Pottery was not the
first to introduce this design into their Production !! 
Nonetheless, I maintain that BOTH the Blair Museum
and Glen Iris Inn are honourable candidates to place
on your Bucket List !!  As, OF COURSE, is a visit and
tour of our Belleek Pottery !!

            ** FINALLY !!

I discouvered and purchased this cute little lithophane
on eBay back in mid 2014 and promptly upon its arrival
on my doorstep, sat it on my dining table, in an
honourable place, which, it occupied until several
months ago !!  Although, it is NOT a Belleek produced
Lithophane, it is an excellent example of the 'Priest
and Alter Boy Crossing Stream' !!  Based on further
research, this is 'probably' an example of a BPM
Lithophane ??

As you can visualize from its picture below, this
example is actually and properly referred to as
Trapezoidal in shape, specifically, an Isosceles
Trapezoid !!  It is quite small, measuring only 4Ż"
Tall with a 4Ż" Base and 3" Top dimensions !!  As
received, it's frame was constructed of 'grooved'
timber with the lithophane FIRMLY anchored in
these grooves !!  Feeling this VERY snug fit was
unacceptable and possibly hazardous over time,
I begin contemplating a more unique method of
display !!  SO BEGIN MY MISSION !!

Original Lithophane Frame !!

            As 'received', my Priest and Alter Boy Crossing Stream
              was NOT illuminated and its frame was quite 'rough' !!

I've decided to insert a comparison picture here, of
Belleek's Production Priest and Alter Boy, side by side
with my miniature example !!  It should be noted, that
Belleek's work was Produced as a MASSIVE Rectangle
approximately 12" Tall by 9" Wide !!

Belleek Priest and Alter Boy Crossing Stream !!

              Belleek's Lithophane is illuminated on our Left,
                while my little 'gem' is shown on our Right !!

My reason for this acquisition was obvious to me, as
I'm a genuine aficionado of Belleek's Lithophanes and
this particular one is another fine example of one of
the dozen Lithophanes Belleek 'copied' and Produced
as part of their wares beginning during their 1st
Period, and continuing, VERY sporadically, thru their
reintroduction of the COMPLETE set of twelve during
the mid 1980's !!

NOW, I begin my task to restore and rework its
display case, to include proper illumination !!  I will
strive to explain and describe my efforts in a manner
that you will hopefully discouver sufficient enough to
entice you to undertake a similar project of your own !!
What I'm saying here is that you SHOULD attempt
this AT HOME !!

First, we have to gather together some tools !!
Hand Drill !! BIG Drilling Rig !!
Drills are a definite necessity !!

Ball Pein Hammer !! BIG Jack Hammer !!
Hammers provide fun for ALL !!

Sand Paper !! BIG Sand Blaster !!
Sandpaper is a DEFINITE requirement !!

Set of Screwdrivers !! A Screwdriver !!
BUT, we CAN'T forget the Screwdrivers !!
ESPECIALLY, the liquid variety !!

Once we have a varied selection of equipment, it's
necessary to gather together the accessories we'll
need to complete our project !!  If you have a garage
or workshop similar to mine, you'll possibly discouver
that you may already have many of these necessities
at hand !!  Those you're lacking, may be purchased
for nominal fees from your local hardware supply
outlet !! 

Necessary supplies, include, but NOT limited to ..
Some GOOD Glue !! Miscellaneous Bits of Wood !!
Wood glue and scraps are VERY handy for
'shearing-up' OLD frames !!

Paint Brushes !! Paints and Stains !!
Of course, paint brushes and a variety of paints, stains and finishes are an absolute necessity !!

Screws, Nails, etc. !! Paint Remover !!
A good variety of screws and nails is another
handy essential, as is a supply of
paint remover and thinner !!

Miscellaneous Electrical Supplies !! CFL Bulbs !!
And, FINALLY, the MOST important items,
the electrical fittings and bulbs !!

Westinghouse Candelabra Socket !!
 Discouvering a  '6 Foot Westinghouse Candelabra Base Snap In Pigtail Socket Cord with Plug and Switch' was the absolute crossroads which, provided the inspiration necessary to complete this project !!

Now, we're set to proceed with our project !!  It
should be stated here, that I fell victim to MANY
pitfalls as I attempted this task !!

An enormous portion of any undertaking similar to
this, is that of 'invention', i.e., the discouvery of
a unique method to accomplish a minuscule portion of
our task !!  In all honesty, you've got to admit that
you're working with NO directions, pattern or recipe !!
Personally, I find that provides immense satisfaction !!

My first step was to 'cut' the Lithophane out of its
grooved framework !! 
Utilizing a razor utility knife,
cut the backside wood, which, was
holding the Lithophane in place !!  I removed the
Lithophane and set it aside to await the (close to)
final phase !!

Then, I cleaned up the original frame by sanding down
the protruding edges and rounding off the sides !!  At
this time, I also sanded off the majority of the
original lacquer finish and a good bit of stain from
the front side !! 

First BIG MISTAKE !!  I had drilled out the mounting
hole for the frames lamp fixture as well as a trio of
holes for the placement of 'feet', which, would
ultimately provide the proper clearance for the lamp
fixture and electrical cord, as well as balance, etc. !! 
I decided that I could proceed with a 'quick and dirty'
finish removal of the lacquer and stain on the reverse
side with the use of paint remover !!  WRONG !!
Unfortunately, the paint remover ALSO removed
the glue which, held the original frame together !! 
OH NO !!

Keep in mind, that I've already cut the backside of
the grooves holding the Lithophane away and with the
frame now in respective parts, there was no apparently
easy way of reassembly ??  Invention one !!  Utilizing
(old) frame matting material, poster pins for guides,
Gorilla Glue, and wood clamps, I was successful in
joining the frame, section by section, in a matter of
several Days !! 

By the way, Gorilla Glue is my favourite project glue,
as it bonds ALL forms of things including wood, paper,
ceramics, etc. !!  JUST be sure to either wear gloves
OR be prepared to 'let it ware away/off' since absolutely
NOTHING will remove it from your skin !!  Also, have a
razor knife handy to 'cut' away the excess that expands
from the joints you are combining !!

Resigned Lithophane Back View !!

        Here we can envision the reverse of the framework
          with the strips of frame matting on each side !!
              Note the poster pin holes still remaining !!

The feet compelled invention two !!  As the original
framework was not constructed on level, due to the
requirement for a slight backward slant, it was now
necessary to force the front corners into level
alignment prior to successful attachment of the
cabinet knobs I had purchased to be utilized as
feet !!  This was simply accomplished by construction
of a pair of wood 'washers' from a dowel section
with a hole drilled thru its center !!  These were
countersunk in the front corners, then sanded down
when it was determined that their original design
produced an excessive separation when combined
with the cabinet knobs !!

Redesigned Lithophane Front View !!

          Here, you can view the finished frame on 'feet'
       with my Lithophane and lighting secured from behind !!

IF, you examine the lower front panel closely, you will
discouver a pair holes, produced by the necessity of
'pre drilling' the screw holes for the Lithophane's
mounting tabs !!  I'm STILL attempting to figure out
a method of concealing those silly little holes ?? 
Probably a little bit of wood putty and another dab
of clear wood finish ??

The (poor) feet were removed a minimum of three
times !!  First, as mentioned, when included with
the length of the wooden dowel washers, the frame
stood too tall !!  Next, with the use of the original
knob screws, this left obnoxious screw heads protruding
on the reverse side of the frame !!  We ALREADY had
the remnants of the frame mat securing the wood,
not to mention the poster pin holes !!  I FINALLY
had an epiphany realizing that by simply countersinking
the (foot) screws and capping them would resolve this
complication !!

Resigned Lithophane Back View !!

              Examination of the reverse side again !!
   Note the 'Wood Plugs' inserted over the countersunk screws
        as well as the felt strips 'cushioning' the Lithophane
    and finally the bits of frame mat securing the Lithophane !!

I purchased several sheets of felt material at a craft
store in different colours !!  As you can see above,
it's utilized as a 'cushioning' material around the
Lithophane !!  I simply cut strips a bit less than ╝" in
width and utilized contact, i.e., rubber, cement to
attach the strips to the inside grooves of the frame !! 
Actually, 'simply' is NOT a good word for cutting
stripes of felt as it's more of a nightmare !!  Felt
appears to 'stretch' every which way and direction
as you attempt to cut it !!??

I also utilized the felt as cushioning under the tabs I
created from additional scraps of photo mat material
which, holds the Lithophane in place !!

Lastly, our lighting fixture is inserted
and secured
in place,
up thru the 1" opening we pre drilled !!
Actually, its 'spring mounting' should be sufficient
to hold it firmly, but I added a pair of short bolts
'just in case' !!  I'll be replacing these bolts with
brass ones following my next excursion to the
hardware shop !!  They can be replaced with the
brass bolts utilized in securing your faucet washers !!

It should be noted here that this particular
candelabra lamp fixture is available is either
brown or white finish, as well as in packages
of 6, with 6" pigtails, for use in frames
utilizing multiple fixtures !!  Simply, Google/
Search for it to discouver local availability !!

The lamp wattage you utilize is your choice, but should
obviously be sufficient to illuminate your Lithophane !! 
As this construction is 'open', there in NO necessity
for venting the heat from the bulb as it's not
enclosed !!  We'll discuss venting in a future article !!

As for style of lamp bulb, my current choice is
utilizing LED bulbs as they generate virtually NO
heat !!  And, their cost has become very reasonable !! 
Conventional incandescent lamps emit heat due to the
filament in the bulb and the 'ballast' of
generates almost the same effect !!  FORGET
halogen and tungsten elements as you could easily
COOK on them !!

FINAL Lithophane Lite Up !!

                      Finally, our finished project !!
        Beautifully illuminated as proper for all Lithophanes !!

Personally, I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome
of my latest Lithophane project, BUT ..

.. if your 'Anxiety' level rises ..
Wrecking Ball Anxiety !! Steam Roller Anxiety !!
Remain prepared to 'TRASH' everything !!
You may ALWAYS begin again tomorrow !!
 And, REMEMBER, your 'Screwdriver' in reserve !!
GOOD LUCK and ..
May the Midas Touch be with you !!


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