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Belleek Newslettre (# 16.3)


To all my splendid Belleeker friends and acquaintances,
I would like to express my wishes for a SPLENDID
Holiday Season for both you and yours and my hope
for your continued good health and prosperity in this
coming New Year !!  A special thanks to all of you
posting greetings worldwide either via regular 'snail'
mail or thru Cyberspace !!  I’ve personally received
some very original cards and thoughts !!


In continuing with their re-introduction of
EXTREMELY important items from past porcelain
history, the Belleek Pottery has this year, announced
the commencement of the firing of an EXTREMELY
Limited Edition of their 1900 Paris Exhibition GOLD
Ribbon Winning International Centre Piece !! 
Historically, this magnificent Centre’s design is
attributed to Annie Langley Nairn, wife of Robert
William Armstrong, with modeling by Frederick Slater
and, more than likely, flower decoration by William
Henshaw !!  Below is Belleek’s announcement of this
spectacular International Centre Piece !!

International Certre Piece !! 
International Centre Piece !! 

Joe Daly, a Pottery worker of over 40 years,
produced a special version of this Centre to
commemorate the Canadian Centennial Anniversary
in 1967 !!  Of special note, is that a 5th Period
(c1955 thru 1965) example of this Centre was
auctioned at the Horance Manning Mann sale of
1988 !!  The Mann example did NOT appear to be
of the Canadian flavor which, substituted maple
leaves in place of the original flower leaves and
additionally was decorated in seasonal colouring !! 
Could this have possibly been a ‘trial’ run production
for the Canadian model ??

Besides the obvious differences of the Canadian
Centre and what appears to be a ‘personal’ choice of
the number of strings in each of the harps, there
appears to be only two additional differences
throughout the years in these Centers !!  First, an
‘extended platform’ is SOMETIMES added above the
‘scroll’ which, the hounds rest their right front paw
on, as in our re-introduced example (see above) !! 
Whereas, on my 3rd Period example, both front paws
rest side by side on the scroll (see below) !!

Wolfhound's Paw Rest on Scroll !!

                    Irish Wolfhound's Paws at Rest !!

Lastly, the original chain links are REALLY made of
porcelain !!  Our re-introduced example is today
utilizing metal chain, but (personally), I’d LOVE to
see Belleek produce porcelain chain !!  WHAT A

ORIGINAL & REAL Porcelain Links !!
                  Chains from the Wolf Hound's Collars

              meet together on the Belt encompassing the Vase !!

If you look closely, you will visualize a tiny metal clasp
where the chains attach to the belt !!  There are
similar clasps, fastening the chain to the Wolf
Hounds collars !!  This is the ONLY non Parian
portion of this extremely complex and fascinating
sculpture !!

EDITOR’s NOTE : Due to MAJOR problems with
today’s printer software, I’ve Edited the International
Centre Piece Announcement into ‘halves’ such that if
you desire to Print this entire Newslettre, you will
obtain the complete picture without any loss due to
vertical ‘cropping’ !!  I’ve also retrofitted this identical
Format into my Previous Newslettre with the
announcement and display of the Queen’s Jubilee
Basket !!


Q: How did the blonde die ice fishing?

A: She was run over by the Zamboni machine.


Belleek Collectors’ Int’l Society
is pleased to invite you to attend
the 2013 Collectors’ Convention!

Flamingo Casino Las Vegas NV !!


October 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th 2013

at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Nearest airport: McCarran Airport, Las Vegas

        Committee and Chair People are working hard and plans are
  underway! Combine your love for Belleek, see old and meet new
  friends, see the great scenery of Nevada as well as the famous
  “Las Vegas Strip.”
        This is the Convention for “thinking outside the box!”
        It is our hope that our friends from all parts of the Belleek
  collecting world will join us. There will be, before and after,
  convention side trips offered to see the main attractions of Las
  Vegas, in addition to a visit to “Old Fremont Street”.
        More details will follow with registration information.
  Registration forms will soon be found on the Pottery Web Site.
  Information will also be sent to previous attendees and chapter
  presidents via e-mail.

BCIS Logo !!

A note from
Angela Moore,
BCIS president.

Belleek Trademark Plaque !!

Let's party while we can.
All good things must come to an end.
This will be our LAST
Belleek International Convention.
It’s one not to be missed!
Our chapters are unable to host future conventions,
but, our sincere thanks go out to all those chapters
who played host to us at past conventions.
They were all great ones!
This last convention is being hosted by the members,
who have hosted earlier ones,
we couldn’t do it without them.
So, let’s go out in style! Belleek Style!
Special things planned,
we hope you can make it!!!!

There should be LOTS of additional information
regarding our 2013 Las Vegas Convention available
(hopefully) first quarter of this coming year !!  I’ll
be posting it on my Site as it becomes finalized !! 
THANKS !!  See you ALL there !!

** HELP !!

I just got off the phone with a friend living in
Northern Wisconsin.

He said that since early this morning the snow has
been nearly waist high and is still falling.

The temperature is dropping way below zero and the
north wind is increasing to near gale force.

His wife has done nothing but look through the
kitchen window and just stare.

He says that if it gets much worse, he may have to
let her in.


I was REALLY attempting to honour my promise
and commence my series on the display of Lithophanes,
BUT, I was unable to gather all the necessary
photographs together in a timely fashion to begin
type setting !!  SO, I instead present the following
for your Holiday enjoyment !!

I first noticed the following item on display in our
2011 Chicago Convention Sales Rooms !! Unfortunately,
it was not presently for sale as it had been previously
‘spoken for’ !!  It turns out that it is a splendid
example of one of Belleek’s Earthenware (dual) Candle
Snuffers appropriately dubbed ‘Madonna’s Bra’ by one
of our ingenious members of our UK Group !!  I
followed this item about, for the next approximate
six months, until I was finally capable of convincing
the owner that it belonged in my Museum !!  What a
splendid find and unusual item !!

Madonna's Bra !!

                    Madonna's 'Wonderment' Bra !!

During their early years, Belleek produced several
varieties of Candle Snuffers, both in Parian and
Earthenware !!  These, of course, would be utilized
to snuff out all candles of the time, whether they be
utilized in free standing ‘sticks’ or in more elaborate
night sticks and candelabras !!  Belleek’s better known
examples of these would be their famous Piano
Candlesticks, their Anchorite Nitestick and their
Cherub Candelabra !!  Of course, there are MANY
additional examples, including beautifully modeled
candlesticks in most, if not all, of their modern
ranges of wares !!

Madonna's Bra Undone !!

                      Here is a view with one of the
                      individual Snuffers removed !!

The Pottery Markings on this item are equally
fascinating as there appear three distinct marks,
a normal 1st Period Mark in Black, unfortunately
rather ‘worn’, a second 1st Period Mark in matching
colour to the Crest or Monogram on the top rim of
the base as well as the Earthenware Impressed Harp,
indicative of the quality of the earthenware slip !!

Madonna's Bra Markings !!

            Here you can visualize the various Pottery Marks !!
            Note the 'Paint Decoration' designation of # 145 !!

Back to the top side of the base !!  I’m not sure
whether these should be referenced as Monograms
or Crests but there exists a pair of them, one on
each side of the top of the base, in-between the
snuffer posts !!  As previously mentioned, these
match in colour, the second 1st Period Mark !! 
We see what appears to be triple letter “C”s woven
together in a fashion similar to a Celtic Knot !! 
Resting over this knot, would be a Royal Crown !! 
Quite intriguing !!

Madonna's Bra Tattoo !!

                    Close-up of the Monogram or Crest !!
                Possibly the King's Row Tri-Cycle Tavern ??

More of my usual speculation, says that this item was
produced for either some wayside tavern or inn or
possibly a private school ??  My conclusions are based
on its Earthenware manufacture, as if were designed
for home use, it probably would have been produced in
 Parian !!

I would TRULY enjoy any information or further
speculation regarding this monogram !! If any of you
Belleekers out there have any suggestions or ideas or
ANOTHER item with a similar or identical monogram
all information and pictures are greatly appreciated !!
THANKS to all, and again, have a SPLENDID Holiday
Season and WONDERFUL New Year !!


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