Saturday, February 02, 2008

Belleek Newslettre (# 12.1)


Berdell Dickinson’s nephew has informed me that he’s
offering ALL remaining Belleek in Berdell’s collection
according to the following FANTISTIC terms !!

Make Your Best Offer :

All remaining Belleek items in the Dickinson Collection
will be sold to the person making the highest offer. So
Make Your Best Offer – this will be the final opportunity
to purchase these valuable items at significant savings;
and YOU determine the savings!

We will begin taking offers on the remaining items (those
that are not marked “SOLD”) on our web site on February 9.
All offers must be submitted by March 3. You won’t get a
second chance to Make Your Best Offer. Just click on the
“Place an Order” button on the home page of our web site
to submit Your Best Offer.

Customers with winning offers will be notified as soon
as possible after March 3. Declined offers will also be
notified. This sale is subject to all other terms stated
on the web site.

All sales are “as is”, “where is” and all sales are final;
no returns or refunds. Dickinson Trust reserves the right
to decline any offers made as part of this sale.

Happy shopping; and remember to submit Your Best Offer
on or before March 3 at :

     Berdell Dickinson Auction !!

Please browse this collection. You will find many rare
and desirable items at the price YOU set !!

There is provision on the site to forward any questions
you may have regarding any item. Enjoy shopping for a
fine addition to your Belleek collection.”

PLEASE, FORWARD (FWD) this E-mail to ALL your Belleeker
friends and associates so EVERYONE has an opportunity to
participate in this marvelous sale !! THANKS !!

** 2009 CONVENTION !!

YES, it’s just around the corner, at least the way I
procrastinate !! I’ve been in contact with the organizing
Belleekers for our upcoming 2009 Convention and they
promise another spectacular affair !!

If you’ve NOT as yet had a chance to fill out their
Convention Survey, PLEASE take a moment to Submit your
Survey at the following Site :

If you would, PLEASE pass this Survey Link on to ALL
your Chapter Members or friends that you feel will be
attending !! THANKS !!

I’ve not got any further specifics as yet, BUT as soon
as I receive any confirmations I’ll be passing the
information on to everyone !!

SO, for now, this space remains RESERVED for Convention
2009 !!


This years Spring Antique Fair in Atlantic (Ocean) City
will be held the last weekend of March, i.e., the 29th
and 30th of March, 2008 !!

This is ALWAYS a SPLENDID Fair and boasts in excess of
400 dealers this year !! If you are in the area, it’s a
MUST to attend !!

You will find a Link to their Fair on my Events Page or
you may Click the following Link for direct Entry to
their Site :


** FUN !! FUN !!

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Take a spin at it !! You’ll find it quite enjoyable !!

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From my previous Newslettre, I received several additional
inquiries regarding Belleek’s Ring Handle Ivory Ware, so I
decided that a ‘follow-up’ was advisable !!

As I stated in my previous Newslettre, I mentioned that
my main love of Ring Handle Ivory Ware decoration is the
painted bouquets, consisting of Convolvulus and Dog Rose
Flowers, sometimes referred to as Limoges Decoration,
which, is possibly a misnomer !!

This particular decoration is primarily seen in shades
of green with white flowering !! Additionally, at times,
there are some beige/grey, turquoise/blue and gilt accents !!

There does exist, though, at least one other colour
combination for this design !! As shown below is a
beautiful Cup and Saucer in the ‘alternate’ blue and
orange decoration with yellow, pink and gilt accent !!

Alternate Colouring !! 

        A demitasse Cup and Saucer in an ‘alternate’ colour scheme !!

Although the above colouring is on Parian Ware, I also
have an Earthenware Soup Plate with this colouring
variation !!

As you all know, Belleek produced Crested Ware honouring
villages, townships, cities, counties and countries as
well as Family Crests placed on special order tea sets,
custom items produced for religious and fraternal
organizations and souvenirs proclaiming special events
among other things !!

As mentioned, in my previous Newslettre, the flat surface
of the Ring Handle Ivory Ware provided an excellent
surface to attach the Crests on !!

The Crest begins as a VERY fine black lined clear decal
being applied to the ware !! Following a period of drying,
to secure this decal to the porcelain, it is then
meticulously painted, filling in the proper colouring,
by the finest of painters at the Belleek Pottery !! Below,
we see a pair of Demitasse Cups and matching Saucers !!
Crested Items !! 

    A pair of finely decorated Crested Demitasse Coffee Cups and Saucers !!

The Cup and Saucer on the right, displays the Crest of
(Country) Scotland, VERY finely decorated !!

On the left, we see the Crest of the Village of Killarney !!
The Crest of Killarney was seemingly quite popular with
the Belleek Pottery as I currently have four items
displaying their Crest, including this Cup and Saucer,
a miniature Tye (three handled shamrock shaped cup), a
miniature Irish Pot and the placement of this Crest on
the back of Belleek's Small Pig !!

Hopefully, we all know where Scotland lies, but to those
of us residing outside the Isles, Killarney might be a
bit of a mystery ?? So, if you travel South West out of
Dublin, ‘on your way (home) to Tipperary’ and miss your
turnoff, you will eventually find yourself close to the
South West Coast of Ireland in County Kerry in the little
Village of Killarney !! It sits on the North East Corner
of Killarney National Park on Lough Leane !! From what I
can discouver on the Internet, it’s quite the LOVELY
place !!

One of my favourite Ring Handle Ivory designs is that of
the Bittern !! Similar in stature to Belleek’s Bittern
Comport, a series of Ring Handle Ivory Ware was decorated
with Bitterns !! The Bittern is simply a marsh bird,
found world wide and a member of the Heron Family !!

Unfortunately, one of the Bittern’s favourite meals is
that of the Koi, or more properly, the Nishikigoi, which,
is simply an ornamental domesticated common carp !! As
Koi are revered as harbingers of good luck, they are
quite commonly found in estate ponds that adorn the many
fabulous private gardens of England and Ireland !!

Therefore, I will pose here another of my unfounded
concepts, that it’s entirely possible the Prottery’s
use of Bitterns in their Production was in an attempt
to appease the Bittern Gods and provide protection for
all Koi ??

Bitterns & Koi !! 

              As Koi are originally oriental in breeding,

          you may note the oriental motif of this decoration !!

Finally, we arrive at possibly the most famous of the Ring
Handle Ivory decorations !! That of the hand painting of
the famous Eugene Sheerin, Belleek most famous painter !!
As mentioned in my previous Newslettre, Eugene Sheerin
painted a complete Tea Set for Dr. O. Ternan !! EACH item
comprising this set, displayed a different scenic view
encompassing the wonders of the Irish landscape !!

I am honoured to have in my collection an example of a
Cup and Saucer attributed to the school of Sheerin !!
I have to say ‘attributed to’ as neither piece carries
his signature !! Editor’s Note : The Cup and Saucer
depicted below are NOT part of the Ternan Tea Set but
believed to be painted for the Archdiocese of Ireland ??

Attributed to Eugene Sheerin !! 

            The Saucer depicts Ross Castle, Killarney

            and from the Cup flows the Tore Waterfalls
                also Killarney !! MORE Killarney !!??


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