Monday, March 12, 2007

Belleek Newslettre (# 11.se)


** IT’S A BOY !!


Mr. Lincoln Edward Murrie made his debut at 8:47 p.m. on
Sunday, March 11, 2007 !! He weighed in at 7 lbs. 1 oz .
and is a handsome 20.75 inches tall !! He is beautiful,
calm and perfect !!

VERY proud parents Eryn and Christopher Murrie are thrilled
beyond words, are overjoyed with Linc’s arrival, and are
taking excellent care of him and each other !!

The world has become a sweeter place with Lincoln’s arrival !!
Lincoln Edward at One Day Old !!
      Sweet Little Lincoln Asleep !!

** 2007 CONVENTION !!

Since the deadline for registration was March 1, 2007,
if you’ve procrastinated this long, you will have to
plea with the convention organizers to find a spot
for you !!

I won't repeat ALL the splendid information here, from
the original convention information in your B.C.I.S.
Newsletter, BUT I will add a Link where you will discouver
identical information as well as a Link regarding a
POST-Convention Tour of Ireland !!

For additional Registration Forms or Convention
Itinerary Information please visit the following Site :


HAPPY BELLEEKING and see you all at the Pottery this
Spring !!


Well, it's that time of year again and Sotheby's is
sponsoring their yearly Irish Sale !!  This year's
date is May 9, 2007, at their London, New Bond Street
address !!  A direct link to their auctions is :


The Irish Sale is Auction LO7120 (that's LO as in
LOndon !!) They're having previews at several locations
around Ireland and England, which, you will also
discouver at their Auction Site !!  

I've NOT seen any Belleek included at this year's event,
as yet, but they're still inviting consignments !!

SO, if you'll be hanging around Ireland and England
either prior to or following our Convention, you might
wish to bookmark this spectacular event !!


JUST a quick update on the production and distribution of
these interesting little Bushmills souvenir !! I had a call
from some wonderful Belleeker friends of mine, from the mid
west, and they assured me that their collection comprises a
Bushmills barrel from the Millennium or 10th. Period !!

Thus, we have verified that Belleek was still supplying
Bushmills with their keepsake in the year 2000 !!

THANKS for your invaluable Update !!

If you wish to reference my original article, you may click
here :

For your enjoyment, I’ve included my original picture below !!

Old Bushmills Whiskey Barrels !!

    From the left, we see my set of three Old Bushmills Whiskey Barrels !!
        The leftmost is a 2nd Period piece (Note the Top Inset !!),
                the center is 7th (Gold) Period and
             on the right is a 9th (Blue) Period item !!


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ENJOY and see ALL of you at the 2007 Convention !! 


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