Friday, August 18, 2006


** SALE !! SALE !! **

WELL, IT’S HERE !! YES, what I promised ALL of you
fine Belleekers last month !! The SALE of Berdell
Dickinson’s Belleek Estate !! You may access ALL
information, including sales and shipping, rules
and regulations, as well as ALL lots with associated
pictures of every item at the following Site Address :

     Berdell Dickinson Auction !!

REMEMBER, this is a SALE, NOT an Auction !! It will
be STRICKLY ‘first come, first serve’ !! There are
approximately 240 Lots, offering something for
everyone !!

PLEASE, FORWARD (FWD) the E-mail notification you
received of this Sale to ALL your Belleeker friends
and associates !! THANKS !!


As usual, the 2nd. largest antique fair in the
United States will again be held this Summer at
in Chicago at the Dearborn Convention Center,
the last weekend of August !! For complete details
you may visit the Fairs Official Site at :


Or you may wish to visit my Events Site at :


This Fair will be celebrating their 30th anniversary
and promises to be a GREAT show !!

As usual, I will be billeted at the Embassy Suites,
arriving on Thursday evening and departing Sunday !!

HOPEFULLY, some of you Belleekers out there, will
also be in attendance and will ring me ?? JUST call
the Embassy Suites @ either (847) 678-4000 or (toll
free) at (888) 476-7366, ask for my room and leave
your name and number where I can reach you !!

** 2007 CONVENTION !!

By now, ALL of you should have received your Spring
BCIS Newsletter !! Included, you should have
discouvered an information bulletin and registration
form for our upcoming Convention at the Belleek
Pottery in Ireland, April 18 - 21, 2007 !!

I won't repeat ALL the splendid information here,
BUT I will add a Link where you will discouver
identical information as well as a Link JUST
obtained, regarding a POST-Convention Tour of
Ireland !!

For additional Registration Forms or Convention
Itinerary Information please visit the following
Site :

ENJOY and see ALL of you at the 2007 Convention !!


I wanted to include something in this Special
Edition and thought first of displaying several
of the Berdell Dickinson Sale Items !! BUT, I then
rethought my idea and decided against it, since
there are SO many nice lots and I didn’t want to
influence anyone with my ‘picks’ !!

SO, here are a couple of Small Baskets from my
Collection !! Note, the TWO Strand Base weave in
both Baskets !!

The Hawthorn Basket is quite dainty and beautiful
on its own merits !!

The other basket is a ‘miniature’ version of Round
Basket # 8 ?? If ANYONE has a ‘proper’ name for
this Basket PLEASE contact me !!

Pair of CUTE Small Baskets !! 

          A pair of unusual First Period Baskets !!
    BOTH Baskets demonstrate Belleek’s TWO Strand Weave !!
  Small, Round, Flowered, Footed and Handled Basket on the left
          and Small, Hawthorn Basket on the right !!


For those of you I've 'lost contact' with, if you
WERE receiving my Newslettre and have NOT received
one in a bit, it's MOST probably due to a Change
in YOUR E-mail ID !! Post me, i.e., E-mail, your
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If you read my Newslettres regularly and DID NOT
receive an E-mail notification of this Newslettre,
PLEASE just drop me an E-mail and I’ll be sure to
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Of course, if you’re NOT currently on my List and
would like to be in on my Mailing List, ALL you need
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And, BINGO, I'll ADD you to my list and you'll begin
receiving upcoming Newslettre notifications !!


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