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Belleek Newslettre (# 10.2)


I decided on the term 'RETROSPECT' for a number
of reasons !! First off, around the time of
the 20th. Anniversary of the BCIS and the lunar
millennium, Belleek utilized a special pair of
marks on a limited number of their production
wares !!

The Millennium Collection was produced by the
Pottery as a limited edition series leading
up to the year 2000 !! ALL items in the series
were retired on December 31, 2000, NEVER to be
produced again, and carried a special Millennium
Collection Mark !!

The Retrospect Mark was utilized on a series
of wares that were brought back into production,
from times past, for those of us in the present
to admire !! Unfortunately, I have no idea as
to the extent of offering of these wares, i.e.,
the number of pieces or the actual items
involved !! Possibly, some of you fellow
Belleekers out there might compose a complete
list of the Retrospect items ??

I JUST got to thinking, about 100 years from
now, at the beginning of the 22nd. Century, the
Pottery can re-introduce the Millennium Line
as the Retrospect Items of the new Century !!

SO, what's this all got to do with me ??
WELL, depending on how long you've been
around, you might realize that this is my 10th.
Year Anniversary of Newslettre production !!

SO, I believe, with the 150th. Anniversary of
the Pottery just around the corner, here's
another reason for a small celebration !!


** 2007 CONVENTION !!

By now, ALL of you should have received your
Spring BCIS Newsletter !! Included, you should
have discouvered an information bulletin and
registration form for our upcoming Convention
at the Belleek Pottery in Ireland, April 18 -
21, 2007 !!

I won't repeat ALL the splendid information
here, BUT I will add a Link where you will
discouver identical information as well as a
Link JUST obtained, regarding a POST-Convention
Tour of Ireland !!

For additional Registration Forms or Convention
Itinerary Information please visit the following
Site :



I've had several inquiries as to ideas
regarding 'boosting' membership numbers in
your Local Chapters !! While I was back East
attending the Spring Fair in Atlantique City,
I came across ONE idea !!

There's an organization, with the initials
of ACC, standing for Association of Collecting
Clubs which, maintains a Data Base of local
and international collector organizations !!
They may be contacted at :

Association of Collecting Clubs
18222 Flower Hill Way #299
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

E-mail : info@Collectors.Org

Telephone : 301.926.8663

Web Site Address : http://collectors.org

Our 'home' BCIS Organization as well as the
U.K. Collectors Group are already listed on
their Site and this may just be another venue
for membership recruitment ??

Ed. Note : There is a $25/year membership fee !!

** UP NORTH !!

A Scotsman was visiting a friend in the
North Woods of Canada, both liked to hunt.
They were hunting for deer when all of a
sudden a moose popped up in front of them.
It was so unexpected, neither of them had
a chance to fire.

The Scotsman was shaken. "Hoot mon, wit in
blazes was that?!"

"That was a moose," the Canadian replied.

"What are ye saying, lad? A moose? Good Lord,
I'd hate to see yer rats!"


What an ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID Fair this year !!
More of EVERYTHING !! The number of Dealers
with displays was up as was total attendance !!
AND from my last visit, EVERYONE seemed to be
purchasing choice treasures !!

NOW, to give you a feeling for the EXACT size
of the exhibition, I spent from 9AM till 2PM
the first day, JUST to transverse the total Fair !!
By this I mean, I JUST walked up and down each
side of every isle, making some preliminary
notes as to booths I wished to return to later
that afternoon !!

Although there was a considerable variety of
Belleek, compared to past years, I passed on
every item, although there was ONE cute little
Basket that was jumping out and crying 'BUY ME' !!

The second morning, I returned and to my
surprise begin sighting items that had NOT
caught my eye the previous day ?? SO, I found
myself AGAIN trudging around the display area,
which, is neatly maintained in an area
encompassing over 10 acres !!

In any case, just prior to lunch time I found
myself at a booth displaying a multitude of
Steiff 'Stuffed' Animals !! If you're not that
familiar with the Steiff Company, these are the
folks famous for their Teddy Bears !! A short
history and information regarding their
Collectors Club may be examined at :


Standing proudly in a remote corner was this
REALLY cute little penguin affectionately
staring me down !! I inquired regarding his
cost and the proprietor checked him for a price
tag and, OF COURSE, he was the ONE item in this
booth WITHOUT a tag !! I was told to return
after my lunch, at which time the 'owner' would
have researched this oversite and have properly
valued this adorable little guy !!

In any case, following lunch, I returned and
we negotiated a fair value and he was packed
away in my Lap Top case for his return trip
to my home !! Neither I nor the seller had
much of an idea to his age, etc., but upon
arriving home and doing a bit of research, I
discouvered that he is approximately 40 years
old and was distributed as a Limited Edition !!

Steiff Penguin !!

          And here he is, complete with mohair body,
          and leather beak, flappers and web feet !!


Each year's Atlantique City Fair, features a
prominent industry, etc., whom is celebrating
an anniversary !! 1997 was the 150th
anniversary of the Steiff Teddy Bears and
this year it was the 100th anniversary of
Planters Peanuts !!

They had a VERY large display of EVERYTHING
regarding Planters Peanuts, including a
picture of its founder at 13 years of age,
just following his immigration to the
United States !!

HUM !! MAYBE, Belleek in 2007 ?? We're
talking THOUSANDS of folks that would be
honoured to view what could be a REALLY
EXTRAVAGANT display !!

I KNOW it's NOT like dancing peanuts !!
I mean this year you could get your picture
taken with an eight foot 'live' Planters
Peanut !! BUT, I truly believe that a
display of Belleek easily outclass' peanuts
and would be a wonderment !!


I'm now going back to several of my past
articles and present some additional
information, IN RETROSPECT, hopefully,
for your enjoyment !!

In my first several Newslettres, I penned a
brief discussion regarding different items of
Belleek that one should consider including in
their collection !! One of these items was
an example of Belleek's famous Earthenware !!
Several years ago, I was able to acquire this
marvelous example of Belleek's Earthenware !!
It is, of course, a LARGE Kneeling Angel of
the First Period, Mark in Blue !! Although
Belleek produced several Holy Fonts of
Earthenware, I am NOT aware of their
manufacture of ANY Figurines in Earthenware ??
Do ANY of you fellow Belleekers have any
Earthenware Figurines ??

Earthenware Kneeling Angel !!

                A Lovely Heavenly Angel !!

Ed. Note : As a figural item and displaying a
'blue' mark, she also fulfills two additional
categories of Belleek representative samples !!

Looking back at my last Holiday Issue, in my
Collecting pursuits one of the fascinating
items I was introduced to was that of Royal
Worcester !! AND, one of the 'little' figurals
they produced was that of a Harvest Mouse !!
SO, Belleek was NOT the only Pottery that
recognized the cute little Harvest Mouse of
the British Isles !! Note, the detailed
colours on his ears, paws, wiskers and eyes
and the scrap of food in his mouth !!

CUTE Little Harvest Mouse !!

            A REALLY Cute Little Harvest Mouse !!
      These were also produced in a variety of solid colours !!
                  This one is (c)1954 !!

One final item, in retrospect, takes us back
just one Newslettre and is ANOTHER E-Bay
discouvery !! This is a fine example of
Belleek's A.M. Round Basket, Small Size !!
What I find fascinating regarding this
particular Basket is that its base is of a
THREE Strand Weave, indicative of Belleek's
earlier Baskets !! This though is coupled
with the fact that its impressed identification
ribbons are inscribed [Belleek Co. Fermanagh
IRELAND], thus indicating production POST 1891 !!

This is the FIRST time I have ever personally
seen this combination !! I was told by the
E-Bay Seller that this Basket was a Wedding
Present to her Mother in 1921 !! Dates it

A.M. Round Basket !!

              Beautiful little A.M. Round Basket !!

As with my last Basket I purchased, I again
placed a folded towel in my kitchen sink and
softly placed the Basket on the towel !!

I then proceeded to spray my Basket with
a heavy coat of Fantastic, a kitchen cleaner !!
After waiting a reasonable amount of time,
and utilizing my sink faucet sprayer, I
completely rinsed my new Basket off with
warm water,
eradicating YEARS of DIRT !!

Editor's Note : AGAIN, Be VERY cautious when
'washing' your Belleek with ANY liquid or
solvent, as MOST commercial liquids
manufactured today contain some sort of
petroleum distillate, i.e., a GREASE CUTTER !!
UNFORTUNATELY, these chemical grease
cutters, will ALSO cut thru, i.e., dissolve,
MOST acrylic and porcelain repairs !!

Ed. NOTE : Will ANYONE ever discouver what or
why Belleek utilized these two character
initials in naming many of their splendid
Baskets ?? Possibly, another task for our
researchers of the U.K. Collectors' Group ??

ENJOY and see ALL of you at the 2007 Convention !!


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