'Twas a DARK &
  STORMY nite !!

The GREAT Golf Ball Attack
of 1996 !!
A Tale of Pain and Fortune !!

The evening had gone along quite well
and it was getting time to think seriously about bunking down for the nite !!
I decided that it was time for a nitecap and
then upstairs and off to bed !!

ENTER the Perpertrator !!
Enter the Perpetrator !!

The Room was dark as I prepared for bed !!
As I jumped under my quilt I immediately realized that
something was QUITE amiss !!
I found myself with an amazing collection of bits of BROKEN
glass stuck squarely in my fanny !!  OUCH !!

As I was able to shed light on the situation !!
   Off to the RIGHT, we see a closer
  view of the tracks left in the carpet !!
A 'Closer' Look at the Tracks !!
A REAL Close-Up of the Tracks !!
  Directly above, a view JUST below
   the Perpetrator's 'entrance' with
    bits of glass EVERY WHERE !!

  And, finally, to our right, we begin to
  visualize the damage to my innocent,
      comfortable, sleeping Futon !!

If you have EVER attempted to sleep in a Bed-of-Glass,
I TRULY advocate strongly against your preference !!
Broken bits of glass are not only VERY 'lumpy',
but they have a distinct tendency to be quite SHARP !!

The Perpetrator Comes into View !!
   On our left, we've tracked the
  Perpetrator completely across my
   KING size Futon !!
And the Perpetrator 'Stares' Back !!
      To our right, we discouver the
Perpetrator 'gazing' back innocently !!

As it's like MidNite Past by now,
I have assembled various sources of illumination
to achieve the proper perspective
of the total extent of the attack !!

FINALLY, the Damage is Discouvered !!
    On our right, can be seen
   some of the Perpetrator's
     massive damage to the
        Globe's Chimney !!
The UPPER Damage !!
The Damage Site !!
     Below, can be viewed additional
  close-ups of the Perpetrator's work !!
The MIDDLE Damage !!
LOWER Deck Damage and Shrapnel !!
    Above, an upward glance
  shows a  first glance of the
  Perpetrator's destruction !!

    On our right, can be seen
     the final close-ups of the
      Globe Amphora's, now
       destroyed, Chimney !!

VERY little good can arise from any situation of this
extreme nature with few exceptions !!
As I maintain COMPLETE 'Scheduled' Insurance
Coverage of my ENTIRE Belleek Museum,
I begin work with my Insurance Company
IMMEDIATELY to rectify this tragic loss !!  
They had NO 'Qualms' with the COMPLETE
replacement of ALL my bedding and linens !!
Their ONLY question, NOT surprisingly, was
regarding the evaluation of the 'lost' Globe's Chimney !!
Unfortunately, this was not ONLY the original chimney,
but was also 'five' facetted, exhibiting beautiful and
graceful bird fowl on each of it's exquisitely etched,
frosted and polished quintiles !!
Fortunately, the Insurance Company and myself were
capable of arriving at an amicable and equitable
settlement for each of the parties involved !!
In my grief, I have JUST NOT been able to part
with this element of my Belleek Collecting Past !!
Therefore, I have preserved the chimneys beauty
in sterile wrapping, in a shoe box, at rest
peacefully for all time !!

The rest is Belleek Collecting History !!