BELLEEK  EVENTS  Christmas !!

Belleek Pottery !! BELLEEK's 160th

If you're NOT aware, this coming Year is
Belleek's 160th Anniversary Celebration !!

Our Belleek Pottery will be Hosting a Gathering
Beginning Friday, April 28th thru
Sunday, April 30th 2017 !!

Remember, there are ONLY

Remaining until Belleek's 160th Anniversary Celebration !!

As you can see, time is 'FLYING BY' ..

 until Belleek's 160th Anniversary Celebration commences !!

Click on either of the Sites below to obtain complete
Registration Information including :
Accommodations, Agenda and Schedule !! 

BOTH these Sites will provide you with
Identical Information,
ONLY the Format and Capabilities Differ !!

This First Site is a SIMPLE .PDF
(Print Definition File) which,
you can Print Out, Fill In and Post to
the Address Provided with your Check :

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From this Second Site you have the
capability to Download and Save to your Computer,
a Word Document File which, you may then
OPEN on your Computer, Fill Out and Email !!

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JMK Shows and Events
Sponsors Antique Shows and Fairs
Throughout the Year
Throughout the United States !!

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Local JMK Antique Shows !!

Dolphin Promotions in Conjunction with the
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Sponsors the Massive
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Let's Go Antiquing in Chicago !!

Belhorn Auction Services
2010 Irish Belleek Estate Auction

Complete Belhorn Auction Results Listing

Full Belhorn Auction Detailed Condition Listing


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Held May 16, 2002 !!

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Held May 18, 2001 !!

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Held May 21, 1999 !!

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(Portland, OR, USA) Auction Results !!
(Belleek Results ONLY !!)